Pranav Das: A Trusted Indian Nomad Travel Blogger

Every Indian guy dreams about getting the best education to find an awesome job. Their ultimate goal remains an exciting job with an awesome salary. Although many believe it is their dream, they quickly realize that it is boring!

Very limited people dare to leave their job with a handsome salary to chase their dreams. Pranav Das is one of them! Being a small-town guy, Pranav followed the same old-fashioned process to become a self-dependent person.

He became a computer science engineer, got recruited in an MNC, and he left his job when he realized that it is not his dream to become a machine! This Cuttack guy always wanted to travel the world and become a travel blogger. It wasn’t easy, but now he is one of India’s finest Travel Bloggers.

A skilled digital marketer and travel blogger:

It is quite daunting to survive in today’s online market, especially if you have no prior experience. Pranav was a travel enthusiast, who chose to roam across the globe and reveal the hidden beauty of our planet through his blogs.

It wasn’t easy! New blogs and bloggers don’t get enough attention on the internet. The internet is already filled with numerous travel blogs and sites featuring all sorts of tips. Many of those blogs don’t feature what an Indian traveller wants.

Pranav Das decided to provide people what they wanted. Therefore, he improved his digital marketing skills, learnt how to feature the best content in top search results, and became a skilled digital marketer.

He is an MBA dropout, but now he offers efficient digital marketing solutions to many clients. His digital agency has played a crucial role in the success of many SMBs and it is still serving many clients.

It is tough to manage all those things together. Many people give up on their dreams to make money, but Pranav is not one of them. He constantly travels and features the best travel destinations and travel tips on his blog “Voyage Nomad”.

Voyage Nomad-India’s Own Nomad:

Indians do not seem quite enthusiastic about reading blogs. They pay attention only when you are offering something quite useful. Voyage Nomad is Pranav’s travel blog where he consistently publishes interesting posts. All these posts are intended to make your holidays safer, memorable, and more enjoyable.

People call him the Indian Nomad. He provides the best solutions to cut the travel cost without making big compromises. It is never easy to cut the cost when you are landing on one a world-famous holiday destination. Pranav Das visits these destinations and reveals the most exciting spots to visit there in his blogs and he also finds ways of spending a dream vacation without spending a lot of money.

Pranav’s Instagram profile “Voyagenomad” is filled with beautiful pictures of places we all want to travel. Those impressive images reveal many locations that we never knew existed before. That’s what encourages us to get rid of this boring life and travel.

Pranav Das had begun his journey as a Indian travel blogger in 2015. He got featured on Travel Wire, Times USA, Urban Asian, Fox News, The Telegraph Australia, and many such magazines which encourage people to travel the world.

Even though you think life is busy and you have not time to enjoy a vacation, follow Pranav on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or just check his blog Voyage Nomad. You will soon realize what you were missing till the date.

This Indian travel blogger is going to feature your dream vacation destination in a way you never saw before. It will be an exciting experience, especially if you are curious about what to do when you travel there!

Find out more:

You cannot live life like a nomad. Only a few people dare to do that and Pranav loves it. This lifestyle features many tough challenges and Pranav Das has perfectly dealt with those challenges.

It is your time to find out more about his exciting journeys. There will be impressive pics, tips, and tricks to make every journey memorable without giving up on major attractions. He has some exciting solutions to make your journey cost-effective and unforgettable. That’s why Pranav Das is called the Indian Nomad.