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Practicing Law firm in Pakistan:

 If you need the services of a practicing law firm in Pakistan or a lawyer in Pakistan, you may contact Azad Law Associates. In practice, the legal department often decides insufficient evidence to prove harassment to a magistrates’ court through a law firm in Pakistan or a lawyer in Pakistan. Our Law firm in Lahore & Law Firm in Lahore Pakistan will provide you with the top lawyer to deal with the case of the client in Court. Our Law Firms in Lahore & Law Firms in Lahore Pakistan is the best choice for you.

Simple Fact:

The simple fact can show the ineffectiveness of the harassment laws that the first conviction of a company for harassment did not take place until 1984! Harassment Section 1(3) of the Protection from Eviction Act 1977 makes harassment of any residential occupier a criminal offense. Harassment is any act that is done to cause the occupier to give up possession of all or part of his property, which is intended to stop him from exercising his legal rights (e.g., to use the services in the premises, to apply for rent to be registered) by law firm in Pakistan or lawyer in Pakistan.

Clear Examples of Harassment Include:

locking the tenant out of the building, changing the locks assaulting the tenant or his family, turning off the gas, electricity, or water, removing slates from the roof, deliberately blocking a shared WC, leaving hi-fi on to disturb the tenant the landlord kicking the door whenever he passes it the landlord saying You will have to be out by the weekend, you know every time he sees the tenant interfering with the tenant’s hot-water supply—removing light bulbs from the hall so that the passage becomes unsafe insulting or swearing at the tenant or his family. The offense is committed even if the harassment is unsuccessful through law firm in Pakistan or lawyer in Pakistan. For instance, if the tenant does not leave the premises or refuses to be intimidated.

Lawyer in Pakistan:

Legal eviction by law firm in Pakistan or lawyer in Pakistan is possible.  Since the basic rule is that it can evict no residential occupier without a court order, nearly all unauthorized attempts at eviction will be unlawful and caught by section 1. Virtually the only exceptions are trespassers see ‘Squatting, blog 280) and some former licensees, but even in these cases, there are risks of breaking the Criminal Law Act 1977. So, in practice, no landlord should risk eviction without a court order from law firm in Pakistan or lawyer in Pakistan.

  OTHER POINTS Ending a Tenancy:

when a tenant wants to leave, strictly speaking, a tenant who wishes to leave his rented property and end his tenancy should give his landlord advance notice. The only exception is when the agreement was for a fixed period (e.g., one year) and the tenant leaves on expiry. Then no notice needs to be given to the landlord. In every other case, the tenant should give the tenant advance notice sending him a written notice to quit by law firm in Pakistan or lawyer in Pakistan. It does not have to be in any particular form (cf. a notice to quit served by a landlord on a tenant, blog 261) but must state the date when the tenant intends to end the tenancy. We Also Expert in Family & Civil Sui Like Court Marriage, Khula, Divorce & Divorce Certificate etc.

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