Binge Eating Disorder; What You Need to Know

This is a kind of eating disorder where you eat large amount of food without control over a long period of time.

Signs of binge disorder

If your exhibit these symptoms there are possibilities chances you have binge eating disorder

  1. Eating more portions of food than normal
  2. Taking meals alone due to shame and awkwardness
  3. Eating more frequently than normal
  4. Eating even when full

Causes of binge disorder

Binge eating disorder is also known as BED. There are a number of known cause of this disorder and they include;

Genetic causes

This is a hereditary condition where if you have an increase in dopamine chemical sensitivity in the brain you are likely to suffer from binge

Gender factor

Research pegs some biological causes to this condition where more women have in comparison to me

Body size and image

If you have a negative view of your body and weight issues also have an association with binge disorder


Some trauma in life such as death of a loved one, accidents or life threatening occurrences can also lead to binge eating disorder

Diagnosis of binge eating disorder

Overeating cannot be considered as disorder because it can happen in random places and occasions. For consideration as a disorder the occurrence needs to be once a week consistently for 3 months and with more than 3 occurrences in a month

Health risks of binge disorder

There are number of health risks that come with binge eating disorder

The first one is obesity due to weight gain which can translate to illnesses linked to the heart etc.

Fertility issues are a second risk that mostly affect women and can also lead to pregnancy related issues

In addition, those with binge condition tend to withdraw from others in social places due to low self esteem

Treatment for binge disorder

There are various ways to treat binge disorder. The first one is therapy focusing on behavior, weight and medical.

Medical experts also recommend a personal plan for each person for better results

Tips to overcome binge disorder

The best practical way to overcome is to seek the help of an expert from any Eating Disorder and Treatment Centre. Below are very practical tips that you can take up

  1. Exercise

Exercising comes in handy in helping you keep fit and lose calories and boost your self esteem

  1. Get rest

Having between 7 – 8 hours of sleep is sufficient and helps you avoid irregular patterns of eating

  1. Eat health meals

Do not eat for the sake of eating but make sure the meals provide nutrients to your body

  1. Get a support system

Support system especially those to you work best, seek help from someone close before the condition is complex.

  • Have self-control

Self-discipline when it comes to food can in a great way help control your meal intakes and patterns

Bottom line

You are not beyond help and binge eating disorder is treatable. Seek the help of a medical expert and live a healthy lifestyle