Practical Tips On How To Bypass Dedicated IP VPN Blocks

Today, most organizations are serious about blocking VPN websites from accessing their servers. They’re keen on distributing their media content. And this is particularly due to the strict policies. Government VPN blocks are often performed by specific ISPs (Internet Service Providers). However, this shouldn’t limit you from watching your favorite TV shows and movies. There are several things you can do to bypass these restrictions. Keep reading to find out!

Most VPN blocks are enforced by blocking access to VPN websites or blocking their IP addresses.

Blocking access to popular VPN websites: Without access to a VPN provider’s website, you can’t possibly sign-up for their services. Plus, you can’t download any of its software. This type f censorship often extends to VPN review websites, as well as, other websites focused on devising methods of evading censorship. Blocking access to VPN sites is one of the tactics for VPN blocks. But it isn’t the only strategy.

Blocking IP addresses: This is one of the most common ways of preventing VPN use. Popular streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu restrict access to their content depending on the user’s location. Due to the large number of VPNs, as well as, the difficulty of monitoring the ever-changing IP addresses, most companies simply choose to ban the most popular VPN services.

Simple Solutions

Utilize Your Mobile Connection

This will work well for schools and colleges. It’s actually one of the simplest solutions for evading government blocks. Instead of utilizing a VPN to access geo-blocked content on the local network, simply access it on your mobile phone through your cellular connection.

Switch VPN Servers

Switching to a different service is one of the best ways to evade blanket IP blocks. Certain VPN providers often recycle their IP addresses. And this makes blocking the IP addresses a major headache. With IPv6, however, IP blocks can be significantly minimized. So, if you want the most reliable dedicated IP VPN, read on

Use a Dedicated IP addresses

Certain VPN devices offer dedicated IP addresses. Instead of sharing an IP with multiple users, you’re assigned your own IP. And because this IP address is unique to you, it can’t be blocked by websites like Netflix or BBC iPlayer.

Tor Bridges

TOR is incredibly effective at providing anonymity. But due to the fact that access to its nodes can be easily blocked, TOR isn’t a great option for censorship-busting. However, Tor bridges can always be utilized for bypassing IP blocks on Tor nodes to hide Tor traffic from deep inspection.

Roll Out Your Own VPN

You may also want to consider rolling out your own VPN server. But since you’re the sole owner of the VPN server, this doesn’t usually offer the privacy benefits of utilizing a commercial VPN service. Nonetheless, it does provide you with a unique IP address that won’t be blocked.

Final Thoughts

Are VPN blocks giving you sleepless nights? Don’t worry. The above article provides practical tips on how to bypass such restrictions. Switch VPNs, roll your own VPN, utilize as Tor network, and choose a dedicated IP address.