Practical Reasons Why Women Should Practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

There are many types of martial art sports and other types of fighting disciplines that are encouraged by health experts to partake in, especially for women and children. And Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) is one of those sports that are being practiced by young children and women all over the globe due to its health benefits.


The era where only males dominated the sports industry is over, now with the women-only sports emerging in all types of games and gymnastics, women all over the world take part in healthy physical activities and aerobatics like MMA, Boxing, martial arts, and so on.


All physical activities and workout types are essential and healthy. Still, there are more specific and motivational reasons why BJJ is one of the best combat arts that women can practice. If you as a woman looking to partake in a healthy physical activity that not only can make you physically fit and healthy but can also improve your mental health, then think no more. BJJ has all the tools that you may need to achieve your fitness goals.


There are real-life skills that this fighting discipline can teach women and young females, and even kids all over the globe. Skills like self-defense, character building, self-reliance, critical thinking, etc. can help you improve your life for the better.


Excited to learn more about how BJJ can not only improve your health but also positively impact your practical life? Read on to learn more about four practical reasons why BJJ is one of the best fighting forms women can study.

1- Self-Defense

It is an unfortunate but true reality that even in the most progressed and literate countries and areas, there are situations and cases where women are abused and taken advantage of in many ways. As a woman, you should expect the best but also should prepare for the worst.


You never know when you will have to face a situation where skills like self-defense can prove to be vital. For defending against thugs on the street or to hold your own in a situation of a fight, you should study BJJ as it teaches you all the moves and techniques you may need to defend yourself in a situation where fighting your way out is the only option.

2- It’s incredibly healthy for your body

Learning different techniques, moves, and taking part in different full-body exercises and intensive workouts require you to use every muscle and part of your body to deliver a stance or a counter-attack against your opponent’s moves.


Due to the need for rapid movements and for maintaining quick offense and defense positions, BJJ requires you to attentively analyze your opponent and predict their moves and come up with a counterattack against them.


Not only this critical thinking improves focus and cognitive abilities but also enhances the overall health of the body by burning mega calories and preventing health conditions like joints pain, weak bones, arthritis, digestive problems, weak immune system, obesity, cholesterol, and health problems.

3- It reduces stress

A higher amount of females globally are suffering from mental health conditions like stress, anxiety, and depression as compared to men. And reasons vary from person to person as different environmental, internal, and external factors play their part in this regard.


But the meat of the matter is that a higher number of females globally are suffering from stress and are resorting to popping highly addictive and full of side effects pills. And many also resort to unhealthy means to relieve stress.


In this case, a very healthy, constructive, and natural way to relieve stress is to partake in this combat sports as intensive workouts involved in training sessions increase the production and release of endorphins (the happy or feel-good hormones) that makes you feel calm and relaxed afterward your training classes.

4- It boosts your self-confidence

Physical and mental health benefits are great but it is also important that we mention the mental benefits that this sport has to offer. One of the biggest psychological problems that not only women but a majority of people suffer from is of feeling self-conscious and insecure.


No matter where in the world you reside in, how old you are, where you study or go to work, self-confidence is one of the most important personal skills that you must have in order to be successful in life. And practicing difficult submission moves, arms, and legs locks and partaking in intensive exercises can skyrocket your self-esteem and self-confidence.


Similarly, this sport can teach you many other invaluable practical life skills that can improve your health and overall lifestyle. These combat arts have many forms namely the no-Gi BJJ and Gi-BJJ that are both extremely healthy and practical fighting forms that you can study.


Gi-BJJ is one of the most appraised and practiced martial arts by females globally. If you decide to study this combat form ensure you have the appropriate sportswear attire items. We recommend Elite Sport’s women BJJ Gi’s attire. Because Elite Sport’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi’s apparel is incredibly durable and can keep you comfortable in your training sessions.