Power Couple Or Professional Scammers? Meet Michael Perez and Makell Morris

Muscle Media Group is a marketing agency led by founder Michael Perez. This company has been founded since 2015, yet despite having eight years of marketing experience, it is proving to be a cover for a scam. Michael is a self-proclaimed entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. However, the behind the scenes tells a different story.

The digital marketing world is an up and coming industry. The increase of technology available to just about everyone is making the world seem like a smaller place. However, with the increase of the helpful tool that is the internet, the increase of crimes related to internet use are also on the rise. People are people, and scams have occurred since the beginning of the world. However, in our day and age, it is easier to hide the truth because of the vast array of screens to hide yourself behind.

For Michael, his digital marketing agency is not what he claims it to be. On the surface, it seems to be a legitimate business that provides Perez and his girlfriend, Makell, a very luxurious life. According to their website, Muscle Media Group was created to help serve clients around the globe in reaching their digital marketing and business goals. However, despite customer service being one of his top claimed areas of expertise, Michael’s company fails to fulfill its services to clients. “I paid Muscle Media Group $14,000 and never heard anything from them ever again.” No services were fulfilled, no calls were answered, but Michael and his agency had no problem charging the $14,000.

When it comes to these scam agencies, there is hardly ever just one person running the show. Michael includes his longterm girlfriend, Makell Morris , in his business, and it seems that they are scamming people out of their money together. The couple is able to travel, party, and live expensive lives at the cost of being dishonest in their business and services. No customer should ever receive zero service, yet still pay for the company’s vacation!

Muscle Media Group may claim to be a digital marketing service with your business’s best interest at heart, but you should know that it is not what it seems. Consumers need to be aware of whether or not the companies they use are honest in their craft. For Michael and Makkell, they are benefiting from their dishonesty, and as a consumer you should be aware and not support this lifestyle. Understand what to look for from honest and reliable companies, and stay clear from companies like Muscle Media Group,where your goals, needs, and services paid for will not be received.