Power BI is a Business Intelligence and Analytics (BI) tool

Power BI is a business intelligence and data analytics tool that allows you to analyze and visualize data. Its features include a common data model that allows you to use standardized and extensible data schemas. It also supports Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant, which enables users to query data using natural language. You can also customize Power BI to make it more relevant to your specific needs by importing new tools and customizing the default view. The platform also provides sample code and application performance interfaces to help you create a visualization.

Power BI is an all-in-one software solution for building and presenting dashboards. Its features range from data preparation and data visualization to data analysis, as well as data mining. It also provides self-service capabilities and supports 70+ data connectors. Power BI allows users to draw reports and analyze data in a few minutes.

It is used to connect data from multiple sources

Power BI consulting is a tool that allows businesses to connect data from multiple sources and create a single view of data. The process involves collecting data from various sources and cleaning it up to present a unified view. This method is known as data integration and is available for online and offline data sources. It uses an ETL tool called the Power Query Editor to bring the data together.

The software can also produce various reports and visualizations on one layer. For example, a sales dashboard might include pie charts, bar charts, and geographical maps. In addition, Power BI can produce visualizations as single-layer presentations.

It allows creation of industry-specific dashboards

Power BI is a business intelligence solution that makes it easy for businesses to create industry-specific dashboards. The program allows data to be imported quickly and allows analysts to craft more engaging reports. It also offers a wide variety of customization options. Custom dashboards can be created in Power BI using CSS, TypeScript, and NodeJS. They can be customized for any department in a business, allowing users to view the information in the most relevant way for them.

With Power BI, data can be presented as a line, region, or month. The software allows businesses to see total sales for a particular month or region. A similar approach can be used to see total sales by region, month, or year.

It is a low-cost option for SMBs

Power BI is a powerful analytic tool for small businesses that uses existing Microsoft systems to create compelling data visualizations. While it was originally a premium enterprise-level product, it is now available as a cloud-based service, which means that you don’t need to purchase additional hardware or software licenses. This makes it a great option for SMBs and startups who are limited in their budget. However, Power BI is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Microsoft’s data visualization products. Cobit Solutions creates interactive reporting – dashboards of any complexity that work for all IT systems. 

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