Power Bi Can Help You Get Deep Data Insights in Stunning Ways

Power Bi offers several advantages over other business intelligence software. One of the most pronounced benefits of this app is that it is capable of integrating seamlessly with your existing applications, securely publishing reports, creating a personalized dashboard, unlimited speed & memory, and more. However, to reap all the advantages of Power Bi you need to have a good power bi knowledge base. There are various operations that you can carry out in Power Bi if you have the required knowledge. Indeed, Power Pi can offer a plethora of insights about the data in your applications, but you need to know how to raise queries. Let us try one such query. 

Raise a Query 

If you want to know the frequency of users using workspaces over some time, how do you proceed! Here is a look at how you can do this. 

Raising User Usage Query For All Workspaces

Two features in Power BI let you track user activity. These are – the Power BI activity log and unified audit log. Let’s start by identifying the differences between the two.


Unified audit log includes events from Power BI, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Dynamics 365, and other integrated services. However, the Power BI activity log includes only Power BI auditing events. This is an important power bi information for every data analyst

Only users with Audit Logs permissions such as global admins and auditors have access to the Unified audit log. However, in the case of the Power BI activity log, Global admins, Power Platform admins, as well as Power BI admins, have access to it. 

Unified audit log comes with capabilities where Global admins and auditors can search it by using Microsoft 365 Defender portal and Microsoft 365 Compliance Center. However, the Power BI activity log does not have any user interface for searching. 

The unified audit log keeps the audit para for 90 days whereas the Power BI activity log keeps the audit paras for 30 days. 

Unified audit log retains the audit data even if the tenant application is moved out to a different region in Azure. However, the Power BI activity log does not retain this. 

How to raise the query?

  • Export audit logs

Search the unified audit log and export the audio file in the CSV file. This is the base of your power bi knowledge base for raising the query. 

  • Export activity logs

You can export activity logs using PowerShell. You can log in to Power BI and export the activity logs. Before doing so, you can add filters, file storage path, date range, etc.

  • Use Power BI Rest API to perform admin operations. 

You need to register for an Azure Active Directory. However, you also need to consider the limitations of the API before proceeding. 

Learn Power Bi Well

To discover important Power BI capabilities you need to have all the power bi information. Also, you need to master the DAX concept and formula to make use of the app comprehensively. If you can do it well, Power Bi can be quite helpful in coming out with unique queries for deep insights into customer behavior, vendor behavior, product pricing, and lot more. 

Sum Up

If you have the right knowledge in Power Bi, it is possible to come up with interesting queries about your data that may offer deeper insights into your business performance and customer satisfaction. This is why it is important to learn the tricks well. To tell the truth Power Bi gives a host of unique advantages that other business intelligence software cannot. One of the prominent benefits of this app is that it can be easily integrated with your existing applications.