Powdered milk: Which is the best in 2022?

We are very happy to have you back and as usual, we will be commenting on a very important product for children and adults. Powdered milk, this food has great nutritional value and is essential for proper development.

There is a type of powdered milk indicated for each stage, especially for children who begin to prepare their organs to process food. Milk is the starting point in these cases and will help you throughout your life to obtain the necessary minerals and vitamins.

In the following article we will tell you in great detail everything about this food, its types, main characteristics, prices and where to find them. That and much more awaits you during this reading. Do not miss the opportunity to choose the perfect powdered milk for you.

The most important

  • Powdered milk is a presentation of liquid milk after having gone through a dehydration process. This type of milk has many benefits because it is a concentrated product that provides the same nutrients as regular milk, it is easy and long-lasting to store, and it is cheaper.
  • It is important to take into account the stage in which the person who will consume the powdered milk is. If it is a boy, it is important that you choose the starter, continuation or growth milk, as required. This will help meet age-specific nutritional needs.
  • When you are faced with seeing a million types of milk and not knowing which one to choose, pay attention to the details that will make one type of milk powder stand out from another. This can be some special milk, a type of formula that suits your needs or the extra nutrients it can provide.

Buying Guide: What you need to know about milk powder

If you want to buy pure and organic powder milk than you should buy it from the best milk powder factory or from reputable brand. We recommended you to buy it from our milk powder factory, we have organic dairy products.

The objective of the following section is to let you know all the details that are essential to choose the right milk powder for your needs. You will know its advantages, disadvantages and much more. Do not miss it.

What is powdered milk and what advantages does it have?

Powdered milk is a type of concentrated food that is obtained when liquid natural milk goes through a dehydration process, in which the weight of its water is reduced by up to 5%. In this composition, the remaining 95% of the product corresponds to all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins of natural milk in powder form.

Being a concentrated product, it has the advantage of preserving the same nutrients as liquid milk; It is ideal for children and the elderly due to its high content of calcium, vitamins and proteins. In addition, powdered milk has the advantage of being able to be stored for a longer time and being cheaper than the liquid type.

Starter, continuation or growth milk powder – what should you pay attention to?

There are many types of powdered milk, some are especially indicated for certain ages or stages, where specific nutrients are needed for the correct development of a person; If the child has a normal development, the options of powdered milk that can be ingested are the following:

Initiation. It is the ideal formula for babies between 0 and 6 months. It is designed to begin to adapt children’s stomachs to feed themselves in the future. They are often enriched with vitamins E, D and C, minerals and carbohydrates. Generally, it is made with cow’s milk or reconstructs the nutrients of breast milk.

Continuation. This type of infant milk is prescribed for children from 6 to 12 months. They are usually fortified with proteins, vitamins and minerals. At this stage, the intake of powdered milk must be complemented with the introduction of vegetables, fruits, among other foods.

Increase. From 12 months, powdered milk is a complement to food in general. This is responsible for providing calcium and other ideal nutrients for the development of bones, muscles and organs. As body is developed, it is required to drink less amount of milk.

How much does milk powder cost?

The price of powdered milk varies according to its type and presentation. For example, milk in a jar is usually more expensive than the same type, but in a bag. You can find small portions of up to 50 gr for a price range between 50 MXN and 70 MXN. In presentations of one kilo or more they cost between 130 MXN and 300 MXN.

The special milk varieties are a little more expensive and their presentations are usually in jars of between 250 gr and 500 gr. You can easily find these for 200 MXN and 700 MXN. It should be noted that these special formulas are only found in powder form.

Where to buy powdered milk?

The most commercialized and popular powdered milk can be easily found in your favorite department store and self-service supermarkets such as Walmart, Superama or LA Comer. Pharmacies are a good option especially for special formulas, visit Farmalisto, Farmacias San Pablo or Farmacias Benavides.

Online stores are an excellent option if you are interested in receiving your product at your doorstep. Visit the websites of Amazon, Dilac, Sam’s Club or Mercado Libre. In them you can find all the types of milk that we have mentioned here and the best offers, especially wholesale.

Purchase criteria

In addition to taking into account the stage your child is in or the purpose for which you are acquiring powdered milk, it is important to look for the plus that this dairy product can deliver. In the following list, we show you all the details that will help you choose the right powdered milk, according to your personal needs.

  • special milk
  • formula type
  • nutrients
  • amount of fat

special milk

These types of milk are diagnosed for people or children who have an allergy or metabolism problem that prevents them from digesting any component of whole cow’s milk powder. In these cases, special formulas or a specific prescription that the doctor can give you can be prescribed. 

formula type

This refers to how easy and how is the process of preparing the milk powder. For people who need the product quickly and are not knowledgeable, instant and concentrated formulas are ideal; For those who prefer to watch their budgets, instant milk delivers on all the benefits.

Instant formula. They are practical but tend to be more expensive. Its storage should only be done for a maximum of 48 hours when it is ready and should be kept in good conditions. Doses come ready, so there’s no measuring or mixing to worry about; ideal for when you don’t have time or experience preparing milk.

Concentrated formula. This milk is ideal for people who do not have measurement knowledge and need a highly nutritious product quickly. It’s not that expensive, but it’s not the cheapest either. Mix the recommended dose of milk and water in equal parts and voila!

Powder formula. It is the most common and easiest to find. It can be stored for up to nine months in suitable, dry and moisture-free conditions. It is a little more difficult to prepare and takes much longer. It is recommended when you know the amounts of milk and water perfectly. It is also ideal for smaller budgets.


In addition to the five essential nutrients that milk should always have, that is, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. It is important that you choose the powdered milk that gives you the nutrients for each stage.

If he is a newborn, look for starter milks with prebiotics and fatty acids that will help prepare his organs to feed. For continuation or growth stages, vitamins, iron and Lutein are essential as they complement your diet and contribute to the development of organs, bones and muscles.

amount of fat

Not all people tolerate fat in the same way. When you suffer from stomach problems, irritable bowel or are on a low-fat diet, semi-skimmed or skimmed milk is recommended. It is worth mentioning that in these types of milk, a large amount of nutrients are lost, especially in the skimmed type.

Whole milk is the most traditional milk that has only gone through the pasteurization process to kill bacteria. This type would be the best, since it preserves 95% of the original nutrients of natural liquid milk. For added nutrition you can look for the enriched types.

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