Porta-Potty Rental: What to Know Before Buying

Hosting an outdoor event soon? Then chances are you will need to rent a few porta-potties.

Though porta-potties aren’t glamourous, they are essential to any outdoor event. Without them, outdoor events would be impossible.

Continue reading this guide to learn the details of a porta-potty rental, and what it means for your next event.

Types of Porta-Potties

There are different kinds of porta-potties to suit everybody. Here are a few different types:

Regular Porta-Potty

The regular porta-potty rental what you typically think of when thinking of porta-potties. It is a small unit with a toilet and no sink. It gets the job done.

ADA Accessible Unit

An ADA-accessible unit is bigger than the typical potty. This allows wheelchair users and those who need more space to comfortably use the unit. 

Hand Wash Unit

Most regular porta-potties just have a hand-sanitizer dispenser built-in. If you are hosting an event like a food festival or party, your guest might want to actually wash their hands.

For those types of events, consider renting hand-wash units, where a sink is inside the unit. This rental service also offers portable sanitation units — stand-alone sinks — that sit outside of the porta-potty.

High Rise Unit

A high-rise unit is like a regular unit, but it can be rolled around to different areas if needed. This is most practical for longer events where you might need to shift restroom areas to accommodate. 

Lift Hook Unit

A lift hook unit is like a high-rise unit and is extra portable. The lift-hook is used to lift it up by crane into another area. 

How To Determine What Kind of Porta Potty You Need

A few factors go into determining the right porta-potty for you. Consider the following:

Event Type

What type of event are you holding? Where does the event take place? If the venue doesn’t already have bathrooms, you will need porta-potties.

A few common events that need porta-potties include:

  • Outdoor festivals
  • Concerts
  • Sporting Events
  • Golf Courses
  • Outdoor Weddings
  • Construction Sites

For some short one-day events like a wedding or sporting event, you won’t need to worry about moving the porta-potty. This means you will likely rent a normal unit or ADA unit. 

For longer events, like a construction site, where you might need to move the porta-potty, it’s recommended that you get a High Rise or Lift Hook unit. In addition, since a construction site is a job site, you will need to follow legal requirements. 


How long is your event? The longer the event, the more porta-potties you will need. 

How Many Porta-Potties Do You Need?

Aside from knowing the type of porta-potty you need, you also need to know how many units you will need. No one likes to wait in line too long to use the restroom, but you also don’t want to waste money on too many units. 

The amount of units you need is dependent on the duration of the event and the number of people attending. 

If you are having a 6-hour long event with less than 50 people, 2 units should suffice.

For a 4 hour-long event with 200 people, 3 units would be ideal.

If the event is 10 hours long with roughly 1,000 people in attendance, like an outdoor festival, you will need at least 12 porta-potties.

Why You Need A Porta-Potty Rental For Your Next Event

Like we established, you can’t have an outdoor event without a porta-potty. Follow this guide, and your next porta-potty rental experience will be smooth-sailing.

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