Porcelain Veneers: What Are They

Are you looking for a treatment that will improve the look of your smile?

All you have to do is visit our dentist in Danvers, who offers a wide range of cosmetic

dental treatments to patients who have concerns with the appearance of teeth. One

service in particular that we offer for cases like this are porcelain veneers, which can

fix issues like discolored, cracked or chipped teeth. Veneers are classified into two

types depending on the materials they are made of: porcelain or composite resin.

They are tiny shells that are designed specifically to fit over teeth. Because they are

tooth-colored, these veneers have enduring durability and give the appearance of a

natural tooth.

Read this article if you want to learn more about this treatment.

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Dental veneers are small shells that are fabricated to fit over the fronts of your teeth.

They mask flaws in appearance like fractures, irregularly shaped teeth, and stains.

This is one of the most popular aesthetic dental processes. Depending on your

particular objectives, several veneer types are available.

The Procedure

The first step to get porcelain veneers near you is to consult an expert to determine if

you are eligible for this treatment. After getting your oral health and teeth assessed

your dentist near you will schedule your next appointment to proceed with your


The dentist will remove a tiny amount of enamel from each tooth during your

appointment to make room for the veneer to bond and not obstruct your ability to

bite. The teeth with that layer of enamel gone are then molded in putty. This mold

dries and is then transported to a facility to create the veneer. Some doctors use

special 3D mapping technology to create impressions of your teeth.

Until your permanent veneers are created, temporary veneers are prepared and

placed. While placing the permanent veneers, the dentist will apply an acidic

substance to each tooth’s surface that dissolves minerals, creating a rough surface

that the veneer can firmly stick to. A special light is used to quickly cement the

veneers into place while expediting the hardening process. Within a few minutes of

being set, the ceramic veneers will adhere to your teeth.

It is a simple and painless procedure to improve the appearance of your teeth. You

can alter the shape, size, and color of your teeth by visiting our dental clinic and

acquiring porcelain veneers in Danvers.

How to Know if You are a Candidate for Porcelain


Dental veneers are an option for people with severe discoloration teeth. Certain

teeth do not react to teeth whitening, even though they can whiten some of the

stains on teeth. If you want to cover up all of those unattractive spots, consider

porcelain veneers. Even stains from decay and old fillings can be concealed by these


You may be an ideal candidate for veneers if you have:

  •  Extremely stained teeth
  •  Minor cosmetic concerns
  •  Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Minor gaps between the teeth
  •  Quantity of tooth enamel

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Veneers

Pros of Dental Veneers

  •  Gives the natural looking appearance
  • Long-lasting
  •  Eliminates stains on teeth
  • Strong and effective

Cons of Dental Veneers

  •  Quite expensive compared to other treatment
  •  Invasive
  •  Not stronger than enamel

Porcelain veneers are frequently chosen by patients who want to have a lot of

influence over their smile which includes changing color, size, shape, etc

To learn more about this treatment process contact our dentist near you at Danvers

Family Dentistry. We’ll work with you to determine the right treatment option for

you to successfully enhance the look of your smile and boost your confidence.

We’re here to help you achieve the smile you deserve!


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