Popular Tourist Places in Luzon Island

There are several popular tourist places in the Luzon Island. Among the topmost in the tourism industry, Manila tops the list in terms of popularity among tourists. In terms of size, Manila is second only to Hong Kong in terms of tourist population.

The island boasts a wide diversity of activities and places. Manila is known for its beaches and its culture. Luzon Island lies in the north part of the Philippines, and is the largest and most populated island. It is famous for its majestic mountains, magnificent beaches and spectacular coral reefs, which give it the title of “land of the coral”. Manila is home to Manila, capital of the Philippines. Set on a scenic bay with famous sunsets, Manila has a diversity of historical monuments, national monuments and museums, and is also home to many famous Spanish colonial landmarks.

The second most popular tourist place in the Philippines is Tagaytay, another province in the Philippines. It is a province that is famous for the beautiful white sand beaches and for the limestone caves. It is also a province that is rich in nature – much of its land covered with forestation. Popular tourist places in Tagaytay are the Tagaytay City Museum, San Quentin National Park, the Tuguco City Museum, and the Panglao Island. Among these popular tourist places in Tagaytay, Tuguco is one of the province’s most popular attractions.

Another popular tourist place in the Philippines is Negros Occidental. It is the largest province in the Philippines and was incorporated into the Republic of the Philippines after the French made peace with the French in the early 20th century. Its culture is primarily Christian with the majority of its citizens being Catholic. Among the most popular tourist places in Negros, is the Angeles City, Viracor, and Baguio City.

The third most popular tourist place in the Philippines is Sagada, another island that is located in Negros Occidental. Sagada is also home to the first Filipino president, Corazon Aquino. It is famous for its pine trees and for its surrounding beauty, being the perfect getaway. Popular tourist places in Sagada include the Sagada cathedral and the Baguio City airport. It also has the province’s largest water park, Happyland.

The fourth most popular tourist place in the Philippines is Cebu. It is a major city on the eastern part of the Philippines. In Cebu, you can visit the largest and oldest temple in the Philippines; the Ninoy Aquino Church. Other popular tourist places in Cebu are the Alabang town, Viracor and South Cebu.