Popular Product Categories During Coronavirus

When the pandemic hit, consumers were forced to adapt their lifestyles to the ‘new’ normal in a short span of time. With non-essential businesses temporarily closing and many professionals working from home, online shopping surged in popularity. 

Beyond the negative pretext of how the situation has changed, the pandemic has given companies the opportunities to pivot and revamp their businesses to remain relevant to the demand. 

As a result, certain products and industries are thriving amidst COVID-19. We’ve listed below the top trending products during the pandemic: 

Products Trending Despite the Pandemic

1. Remote Work Products

As mentioned, with social distancing and restrictions in place, many professionals have been working from home. With taking calls from classmates and colleagues and attending online meetings, the market for remote work products has grown. 

In addition to software products, physical products like webcams, computer accessories, microphones, chairs, laptop desks, and other office items are becoming more essential to create a more productive environment for day-to-day tasks. 

2. Pet Supplies

To cope up with isolation and loneliness, many people turned to animal companionship to cope. Shelters and rescues witnessed an increase in pet adoption rates, and as a result, pet owners are relying on online pet stores more than ever. 

Food, grooming items, toys, and leashes are some of the most popular pet supplies. 

3. Baking Items

One of the many good old-fashioned hobbies is making a comeback. Per Google Trends, searches for banana bread have increased by 54%! 

Baking indeed is a wholesome at-home activity that can bring on feelings of simpler times, control, and comfort. And, of course, the closure of restaurants has put a new emphasis on learning new recipes and dishes. 

4. Exercise Equipment

With gyms and fitness centers having to close temporarily due to COVID and adopt restrictions such as mandatory masking while exercising, consumers are finding alternatives to stay fit. This has led to a massive demand for home fitness equipment like treadmills, bikes, home-installed bars, dumbbells, and yoga mats. Companies that offer online fitness programs have also witnessed a profit.

To remain fit, many people have also sought out vitamins, probiotics, herbal supplements, and juicers. 

5. Outdoor Furniture

As people spend less time in social settings, they are paying more attention to their home environment. Consumers are thinking about creating a space that offers resemblance to the popular public places. Those who are lucky enough to have their own outdoor space, gardens, and patios are buying furniture, including outdoor tables, folding chairs, and stools.  

Often neglected for months, consumers now have the time to maintain their backyards and gardens. Furthermore, gardening is a great way to be outside and pass the time. As a result, garden tools and maintenance such as fertilizers have seen an increase too. 

6. Cleaning and Disinfection Products

The pandemic has inspired new levels of cleanliness and disinfection. This means that soaps, hand sanitizers, wipes, and other hygiene products are in high demand.  

However, just as it necessary is to keep your hands clean, so is keeping your home and commonly touched areas free of COVID and other pathogens. 

The increasing demand for products that promise efficiency to destroy pathogens has opened up opportunities for the wider adoption of UV-C disinfection technologies. If used at the correct wavelength for the required amount of time, scientists have proven that UV-C light can destroy up to 99.99% of microorganisms. 

Unfortunately, most commercially available products are designed and advertised in a way that doesn’t live up to their own promises and customer expectations and thus are not suitable for quick and effective disinfection.

A startup called Wolven Industries has set out on a mission to counter cheap and ineffective UV-C products and provide customers with the uRay, a powerful, battery-powered device equipped with innovative safety features. The company intends to maximize the intensity of bacteria-killing radiation in a family-safe manner.

Founded in 2018 by Mike Norton, Wolven Industries’ mission is to develop technology to repair, protect, and prepare families against modern-day threats. The company was originally planning to develop technology for military and private military contractors through custom contracts, however, in response to the COVID-19 crisis, they pivoted their technological direction to develop the uRay.

The uRay is specifically designed to be handheld so that it can fit in your handbag or larger pocket. The size will allow you to disinfect grocery store keyboards, public toilets, ATMs, kitchen counters, door handles and more on the go. With it, you can minimize the spread of pathogens and ensure safety. 

Would you like to protect yourself and your loved ones from dangerous bacteria and viruses? The uRay is available now to pre-order at the Wolven Industries website.


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