Popular Pergolas: Why You Should Get One For Your Home

The hot summer months are a great time for kicking back and relaxing, whether it’s by yourself or with friends and family. It’s why everyone looks forward to this time of the year so much! And with the higher temperatures that will have everyone eager to go to the beach, or soak in the summer sun, sometimes it’s best to give yourself the option of enjoying the warm weather from the comfort of your own backyard. To this end, if you haven’t gotten one already, consider getting a pergola for your outdoor space!


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What Is the Point of a Pergola?

Pergolas are outdoor structures that are constructed simply to provide shade from the sun. With open beams overhead, you are protected from the harsh heat while still being able to enjoy the warm breeze outside. Depending on the Pergola type that you get, some pergolas have motorised shade blades which provide protection from the elements year round – so not only can you enjoy your new outdoor space during the warm summer, but also during spring showers, or winter time when the sun is out and you’re wanting to get that feeling of warmth during the cold period. Not only that, but with the open blades, you can also provide some much needed shelter for your garden plants from the sun’s direct heat during the summer, too. This means that you’re opening up numerous opportunities for relaxing, hosting guests, and even the beautification of your garden with the addition of a pergola.


Does Having a Pergola Add Value To Your Home?

With any home addition, it’s important to consider the costs of adding a new structure to your property. Will it be of use to you and your family, and is the cost worth it? One thing to note is that not only will you be getting an upgraded outdoor living area that can be used for rest and relaxation, as well as a great space for entertaining guests, which is extremely valuable as it is, you will also be raising the value of your home by adding a pergola to it. This is because having an outdoor space with durable shelter is a must-have for most homeowners, and will raise your property value as a result.


Why Are Pergolas So Popular?

You can probably see why pergolas have been so popular with homeowners throughout the years. Any structure that gives you shelter from the elements month in and month out is not only a good addition to the home, but also provides you with an entertaining space while also raising the value of your property. Just make sure to choose a reputable builder who uses a manufacturer known for reliable and durable outdoor living solutions, like Stratco, to really maximise your use out of your new pergola for the many years to come. — Time Business News