Popular Industrial Design Ideas

Living in 2021, everyone thinks of having a modern, stylish house that looks unique and pretty at the same time. Everyone opts for different elements in their house to stand out from other homes and have a gorgeous place to live. Interior design Dubai Companies believe that incorporating industrial elements in your house can contribute to the modern design you are looking for. There are numerous designs and elements to choose from without overpowering other features in your rooms.

Let’s have a look at some amazing industrial design ideas for your house.

Hanging Lights

Nothing gives a more industrial vibe than hanging light fixtures without a fancy holder. The raw look of the lights adds to the aesthetic vibe of the place and looks lovely. You can opt for such lights in your kitchen or dining area for a modern industrial feel. Attach them to a rod or a wooden plank, ensuring the necessary support.

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Wall Baskets

Wall baskets are cute and quite purposeful. However, the design and material of these wall baskets can impact the overall look of your house significantly. Whether you opt for a cane basket or a wooden one can instantly change the feel. To give your room and bathrooms an industrial look, go for graduated wall baskets to keep your towels and other belongings.

Metal Nightstand Table

Metal tables are not the talk of the town nowadays, but are we following the trends or setting them? Having a metal nightstand table will complement the overall interior of your house and the industrial theme you are looking for. Pair it with a modern, classy table lamp, or go for a traditional nightstand for a distinct look.

Rough Coffee Station

Everyone loves a sweet nook in their house where they can make coffee to enjoy with an interesting book. Instead of going for a modern coffee corner, you can opt for a coffee station with a rustic design featuring a hand-painted wooden plank with hooks for coffee mugs and wooden containers for coffee. It might not be the ideal choice for others, but it’ll make the perfect coffee area for your industrial-themed interior.

Hanging Shelves

Having hanging shelves in the house does not mean them actually “hanging”, rather without support. You can get hanging shelves for your room or living room in a nice rustic, brown, or black color and place your favorite geometric pieces on them. They will look stunning and provide you a place to showcase the beautiful decoration pieces you have.

Curtain Rod

Who knew curtain rods could also impact the look of your industrial house! The color and material of your curtain rod contribute to the appearance of your bathroom and ultimately, the overall interior. You use an old pipe as the curtain rod and paint it in black for the definite industrial look of your home. If you are not a D.I.Y person, you can connect to Interior design Dubai Companies like Exotic Interior Studio and look for the best available option.

Gridded Memo Board

Gridded Memo Boards are not a part of many households now, but we cannot disagree on how beautiful they look. They offer the antique feels of the past era and allow you to take in the warmth of the atmosphere and unconditional love. You might find this to be an exaggeration, yet it’s only until you have one in your home. They go perfectly in industrial-theme homes.

Brick Walls

Exposed brick walls are the main, undisputed element of the industrial design setup. Unlike in the past, you can get the brick wall look without having to go for bricks. Get yourself black bricks or stones that go well with your interior if you don’t like bricks. However, exposed brick walls will elevate the interior of your house instantly.

Wooden Tables

Wooden tables have never gone out of fashion, and we don’t see them going anywhere. You can get a wood and metal table to complete the industrial design look of your home and have a timeless piece of furniture. You can use any kind of wood you like and get it made in any style you want to add a personalized element.


Industrial design homes are quite popular among Interior Fit Out companies in Dubai due to the increase in demand. You can choose from the several available options of wooden tables, shelves, nightstands, and lights to decorate your industrial-themed house according to your choice.

Happy designing!


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