Popular Destinations for Business Travel

While telecommuting and video conferencing software might have come a long way over the past few years, there’s no substitute for a face-to-face interaction when it comes to business. Whether you’re dealing with a major new client, a supplier, or a colleague, actually making a visit in person is something that’s difficult to replicate despite the indications that the practice is in irreversible decline. 

Around nine million international business trips took place in 2019 from the UK. While we haven’t quite recovered to that level yet, there’s still a sizeable demographic that needs to venture overseas to conduct business, often through a private aviation company; and with Vista Global, the worlds leading private aviation group reporting a year on year growth of 67%, it appears that aviation travel is set to rise for both business and domestic travel. 

Let’s consider a few of the more popular destinations


Thanks to major business hubs like New York and Los Angeles, the USA will always be a popular destination for business travellers in the UK. The states benefits from world-leading economic centres like Silicon Valley, as well as an enormous base of affluent customers, whose wallets are ready to be appealed to.


France is just a short ferry-ride away – and London-based professionals can comfortably hop on the channel tunnel if they need a short-term visit to Paris. It’s a premier tourist attraction as well as a centre of commerce for the entire continent. French wine country is of particular interest, similarly, to both travellers looking for leisure and those looking for business. 


Spain is the favourite holiday destination for British tourists, but it also holds considerable allure for business travellers. Accommodation tends to be extremely affordable, particular during off-season, and it boasts excellent trade links with North Africa. The country is best known internationally for its food and consumer goods, many of which are protected labels.


Perhaps best known for its world-leading automotive manufacturing base, Germany also boasts a range of other cutting-edge industries, with electronics and machinery produced here contributing to the country’s status as one of the world’s most prolific exporters. With the biggest manufacturing base on the continent, it’s no surprise that so many travel here for business reasons.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a popular destination for UK residents thanks to its proximity, as well as its accommodating culture. Major brands like ING and Shell are headquartered here, and it punches well above its weight when it comes to international conferences and shipping.


The impact of domestic business travel can’t be understated, particular as most of the trade conducted by British business is done internally. Getting from one end of the country to the other is easier than it ever has been, especially if you’re able to plan ahead and arrange your rail travel before you set out. Domestic travel tends to work out markedly cheaper than the international kind – which means that you can do more of it, even if you’re dealing with destinations on the other end of the country. 


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