Popular Books in Toronto – My Favourite Books By Gillian Flynn (Robert M Slaght)

Sharp Object was a great book by Gillian Flynn. I would definitely recommend it to other readers. Gillian Flynn is the future of American literature. 

I specifically appreciated the plot, the character development, and the conclusion of this book.

A great place to enjoy Sharp Objects is in your home near the fire or on the deck during summer in Toronto. 

Dark Places is another winner by Gillian Flynn. I read this book after Gone Girl and I thoroughly enjoyed how she crafted the characters and moved the plot.

Robert M Slaght would definitely recommend this book to other people, and I believe Gillian Flynn has the staying power of Stephen King and Harlan Corben. 

Overall, Dark Places was a great book.

My Favourite Books By Gillian Flynn (Robert M Slaght)

A great place to enjoy Dark Places is at the Toronto Public Library, the main branch, or in a nearby café in Toronto. Dark Place is the sort of book you need to enjoy in open spaces.

I read Gone Girl long before the movie came out and I was extremely impressed with Gillian Flynn’s novel. As soon as I read it, I knew it was an instant classic. 

The movie was also very good and held up as a strong adaptation. Ben Affleck was masterful. Robert M Slaght especially enjoyed the cinematography in this book, and Affleck’s co-stars were great support for the subtleties in his performance. 

Gillian Flynn has also taken up screenwriting. She wrote the film Widows alongside director Steve McQueen. I have not seen this movie yet, but I am sure it is good, considering the talent behind it. Steve McQueen’s films are brilliantly combining his talents with Gillian Flynn is a recipe for a sure-fire hit. Robert M Slaght looks forward to Gillian Flynn writing more movies in the future, as with streaming, it appears to be the go-to medium right now. When I think back to how films used to come to fruition, it was always the book, then pause a couple of years (or decades), and then the movie would be released. Now, many great authors are skipping the book and writing directly for the screen for platforms like Netflix, Prime, and Hulu.