Popular and Fun Hobbies Teenagers Can Try During The Pandemic

Current pandemic times have transformed people’s lifestyle and forced people to adapt to the new normal.  The measures that governments advocate such as social distancing, stay at home and practice wash hands hygiene have made people change their daily activities and hobbies.

Hobbies are important because it helps people to destress, build a social circle, maintain contact with their friends and maintain their overall well-being.  Hobbies are especially important to teenagers as teenagers are at a stage where they have high levels of energy, high curiosity level they want to stay socially connected with their friends.

Below are some fun hobbies which have grown in popularity due to this pandemic situation among the teenagers.  


Though gaming has always been a popular hobby, the current situation has increased its popularity among the teenagers.  They can play and indulging in hours of gaming sessions by themselves or play the games with their friends.

Playing the games with their friends provides a great avenue for them to hangout and catchup with their friends.  After bonding over their favourite games, they can celebrate over virtual snacks and soft drinks party. 


This pandemic situation has turned a lot of people into bakers.  The teenagers, especially the 15-year-old girls, use the extra time spent at home experimenting with different sweet treats.  These sweet treats include cakes, cookies, and brownies.  These aspiring bakers are delighted to share their baked goodies with their family members.

Some of them even go to the extent of decorating their sweet treats to make it Instagram worthy and use these pictures as a basis to connect with their friends through the social media.  


Craft has also gained popularity as they can use their creativity to design a decorative item of their choice.  Making flower bouquets that last, specifically flower bouquets from sola wood is popular among the 15-year-old girls as they can use their specially designed flower bouquet to spruce up their room.  

Check this site  that includes gift and other activity items you may consider giving to the 15-year-old girls for them to unleash their creativity. 

Play Musical Instruments

Spending more time at home allows the teenagers to start learning how to play a musical instrument that fascinates them.  Some of the popular musical instruments include guitar, drums or electric keyboard.  

Playing a musical instrument also helps enhance their analytical skills and fine motor skills.  This hobby is a fantastic long-term investment as they are developing a skill that they can enjoy for life.  

They can even “form a band” and play the instruments together with their friends virtually, a great way to connect and hangout with their friends.

The teenagers can benefit from the above listed hobbies despite staying at home most of the time.


Lock picking


For teens who love to fiddle and tinker with puzzles and complex mechanisms, lock picking is an excellent skill to learn. Lock picking is a legitimate skill that is used by professional locksmiths and locksport enthusiasts. There are even lock picking competitions with participants from all over the world. It’s a helpful skill to know especially when you find yourself in a lock emergency.

To learn lock picking, all you need is a basic lock pick set, some practice locks or lock puzzles, and a beginner’s guide to lock picking. There are a bunch of helpful, free lock picking guides and tutorials on the internet.