Popular and classic features on windows 11 pro

In late 2021, “Windows 11 pro” was released as the latest version of Windows. The os, which succeeds windows 10, features a new design based on a Concept called fluent, which has changed its appearance significantly.

In the latest version of windows, windows 11, the user interface has been revamped with many new features. While updates (upgrades) are available for free from windows 10.

Windows 11 Pro insider Preview: Overview

Windows 11 desktop and folder windows. In addition to the overall design changes, the start button on the taskbar and the app icons are centered.

When it comes to newer versions of windows, you may have thought that you need to buy a new pc or have a separate license. However, if you meet the system requirements of Windows 11 Pro, you can update (upgrade) from windows 10 for free.

How to check if it can be updated to windows 11

Quickly check to see if you meet system requirements. Microsoft’s pc health check app makes it easy to see if your pc meets the system requirements of windows 11. The internet focuses on new uses for windows 11 and explains new features, changes, classic techniques, recommendations, etc. 

How to display the start menu of windows 11 on the left side

Return to familiar locations from standard centering. In the latest version of Windows, the start button and start menu have been repositioned from the traditional left side to the center. Let’s learn how to return to the left side together with the basic operations of the new start menu.

An improved multi-display environment with new features in Windows 11

In windows 11, a new setting is added called “remember window position based on monitor connection.” It is helpful in multi-display environments where two or more screens are used simultaneously. Increase efficiency when connecting a laptop to an external display.

Quickly view news and app Information

How to customize “widgets” in windows 11. Add or remove until the taskbar button is hidden; one of the new features in Windows 11 is the “widget” that can be viewed from the taskbar. You can view your favorite apps and information, such as weather, news, and frequently used folders. Let’s take a look at how to customize this widget.

How to customize “quick settings” in windows 11- Easy to use settings-related shortcuts!

Quick settings, which allow you to quickly change the brightness and volume of windows 11, turning concentrated and night mode on and off, can be customized to your liking. We will show you how to change it to make it easier to use, such as displaying only frequently used settings.

How to use the “centralized model” in windows 11- Turn off non-urgent notifications to avoid work interruptions

When you concentrate on work on your computer, if you unexpectedly see a notification in the lower right corner of the screen, the work will be interrupted for confirmation. To avoid notifications from apps that you don’t need to check right away, take advantage of the “centralized model” in windows 11.

How to register apps that are often used in the start menu in windows 11

In the start menu of windows 11 (windows eleven), there are no tiles like windows 10, and you can register apps that are often used in the “pinned” area. However, be careful with the minimum system requirements for your computer.