Salt Bae’s World Cup Final Antics Subject of FIFA Investigation

The World Cup final antics of the Salt Bae are the subject of a FIFA investigation. According to the Daily Mail, the FIFA’s investigation into the incident aims to uncover the motives behind this act. But the Salt Bae is not the only one who had a go at the FIFA trophy. In fact, a man who was once a butcher turned a chef seized Lionel Messi by the shoulder and kissed the trophy.

Butcher-turned-chef grabbed Lionel Messi by the shoulder

There’s been much controversy surrounding celebrity chef Salt Bae’s antics during Argentina’s World Cup final celebrations. The controversial chef is rumored to be friends with FIFA president Gianni Infantino. Despite this, many fans have questioned the celebrity’s involvement.

During the game, Salt Bae walked on to the pitch and got into the team’s celebrations. He tried to grab the trophy from Argentina players and even took a selfie with Messi. However, it appears that he didn’t really add anything to the game.

While his presence didn’t do anything to help Argentina’s victory, it was certainly embarrassing. Even the players were not impressed with the attention that the chef was paying to them. And Messi was uninterested in the whole thing.

Although there aren’t any concrete details on Salt Bae’s access to the pitch, it’s clear that he didn’t meet the criteria for being granted access. FIFA have also vowed to investigate the incident.

Salt Bae’s antics went viral on social media, causing a firestorm of criticism. His presence at the World Cup final was clearly getting on the nerves of the Argentine players.

Eventually, the chefs were able to get a photo with Messi, who looked bemused and unimpressed at the whole thing. A few other players had the opportunity to take a photo with him as well.

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Kissed Jules Rimet trophy

A celebrity chef called Salt Bae was spotted at the World Cup final, which Argentina won over France on penalties. It was a viral moment. Fans of the Argentine team posted pictures of the man holding the fabled trophy and posting them on social media.

According to the rules of FIFA, only members of the winning team and officials can hold the solid gold trophy. So how does Salt Bae get to do it? He is a close friend of the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino.

The World Cup trophy is a hefty 6.175 kilograms of gold. According to Fifa, it is worth more than $160,000.

The trophy has been on display since 1974. It was introduced to coincide with the first country to win three World Cups. However, only a select few can actually hold it.

While many of us were enjoying the final, Salt Bae decided to jump the queue. He was spotted attempting to grab the trophy while it was passed to Argentina’s players. Eventually, Messi gave in and took a selfie with the chef. But fans of the Argentine team questioned why he was allowed on the pitch in the first place.

There was also the video. Earlier this year, a German newspaper reported that the World Cup trophy is worth as much as 20 million euros. Some have pointed out that this is an overstatement.

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