Polypropylene Jumbo Bags – Types Features & Applications

What is PP Jumbo Bags?

Flexible Immediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) or PP Jumbo Bags is a sizeable cubic-shaped bag made from women polypropylene for storing and transporting dry and hazardous products. A PP jumbo bag manufacturer decides the dimensions of the loads based on the requirements of the customers. The bags can carry heavy weights anywhere between 2000 lbs. to 4000 lbs. (1000 kg to 2000 kg) of products. 

While lifting, you need to place the bags on pallets with the help of forklifts using the lift loops attached at the corner. The bags come in different forms and styles, from single-layered to those containing an extra loose liner or laminated ones. Some PP jumbo bag manufacturers also produce a turnkey, customized FIBC for a specific process or business requirements. 

Many industries, including aggregate, agriculture, chemical, construction, food, fertilizer, rubber, pet food product, pharmaceuticals, and aquaculture, make users of FIBCs. The jumbo bags come in both coated and uncoated varieties with inner PE liners. The fabrics of the bags might or might not come with lamination and with or without PE liners. The lamination and the presence of liners depend completely upon the products’ properties and on the weight depending on the requirements of Safe Working Load (SWL). 

One can lift the FIBC using lift loops measuring 10 inches, lifting sleeves, Stevedore straps, and a single-point crane lift. The lifting options often vary and are customized. One can empty these PP jumbo Bags in numerous ways. The most common method of discharging products from the bag is through an outlet spout attached to the bag’s bottom. Sometimes the discharge spout is present inside the closure at the bottom of the bag, such as petal closure, pajama closure and star or x-cut closure. The closure protects the spout and prevents the product from leaking or sifting out of the outlet unnecessarily. The discharge spouts of these bags vary, and you can even customize them. 

Features of Polypropylene

FIBC bags or PP jumbo bags gained extreme importance in the transportation of bulk food and pharmaceutical items. These economical bags are durable and last longer, even in severe weather and environmental conditions. Made by weaving polypropylene fabric, these bags are safe and hygienic and are great for reusing as many times as you want. These bags come in various types, and they have a unique function. 

Types of PP Jumbo Bags 

Broadly, a PP jumbo bag manufacturer produces four broad categories for different applications: 

Regular (Standard) Jumbo Bags 

It is the most common and widely available category of jumbo bags, with a load capacity ranging between 500 kilograms to 2000 kilograms. However, these dimensions alter depending upon the requirements and preferences of the customers. Industries use the bags for transporting non-flammable dry substances, especially those that are in powdered form. 

Conductive Jumbo Bags

These jumbo bags manufactured using non-conductive PP fabrics are also known as Type C-FIBC bags. The bags contain interwoven, non-conductive threads. These are suitable for transporting flammable powdered substances. 

PP Jumbo Bags with Liners 

These FIBC bags come with layers of polyethylene, multi-layered laminate liners for storing and transporting highly hygroscopic substances. The liners in the bags are either stitched or glued, which offers better protection, avoids contamination and keeps the product safe. 

Dissipative Jumbo Bags

A PP jumbo bag manufacturer makes these bags from antistatic fabrics that come with static dissipative threads. These bags are most suited for transporting flammable powders or other substances when flammable substances are near the bag. However, these bags are not suitable when substances like water, grease and any such conductors contact the bag.

Baffle or Q-Bags 

These bags come with polypropylene baffles sewn across the four corners of the bags. These bags increase their filling capacity by 30% than the standard or regular ones. Better stackability, shape retention, protection from spillage, and space optimization are some of the benefits of the bags.

Ventilated Jumbo Bags

These PP jumbo bags are robust, breathable and highly protective against mold and moisture. Manufacturers design these bags for storing and transporting grains, seeds and perishable foo0d items, including onions and potatoes.

Features of PP Jumbo Bags

Enlisted are the characteristics of PP Jumbo Bags:

Adequate Mechanical Properties 

Since PP jumbo bags come with good mechanical properties, they can safely pick commodities during long-term storage and transportation. Moreover, these bags are anti-bacterial and weather-resistant with excellent tensile properties. They are conducive to grain metabolism due to their functional property of eliminating moisture and temperature, making them perfect for storing food grains in bulk amounts.


PP woven bags are resistant to acids, organic solvents, and abrasion and bending, making them durable. However, you need to keep them away from handling abuses, such as hook and parkhi insertions.


PP jumbo bags are highly reusable, which makes them pocket-friendly. Besides, they are non-staining, and you can clean them easily any number of times. The abundant and easy availability of raw materials, simple production and assembly make these bags highly economical. Operational convenience and higher stability in stacking make secondary packaging more accessible in adding the overall cost-effectiveness.


Sustainability is an essential component in the life cycle of packaging products. The PP jumbo bags are an environment-friendly option since you can use them multiple times. You can recycle the bags thoroughly and often meltdown and made them into new products once they serve the bulk packaging uses. 

Other key features of our PP jumbo bags include:

  • Extra protection liners
  • Easy to load and unload
  • Minimize waste flows
  • Customization concerning liners and coatings


From a marketing point of view, the positive factor of this PP material is that it can hold paint for ultimate attractiveness.

Utilize space effectively

These polypropylene bags can be kept in heaps, pallets, or any space you want. You don’t need to overpay for keeping these bags, which ultimately saves your pocket. 

Extremely versatile

PP jumbo bags are widely used in a wide range of industries for their great versatility features. For example, for cement packing, these bags come with microscopic holes to let the air out. However, for great strength and durability, these bags are repeatedly used for shipping and transportation. 

Application of PP Jumbo Bags

Besides being lightweight and waterproof, PP jumbo bags are non-toxic, eco-friendly and cost-effective, making them versatile and practical for application in various industries. 

Agricultural and Food Products 

FIBC bags are highly used for storing and transporting agricultural items such as grains, feeds, vegetables, aquatic products, fruits, fertilizers and many other products. As they are non-toxic, you need not worry about contamination. Besides, they are anti-seepage. Hence items like sugar, flour, salt and other such products cannot pass through them during storage and transportation.

Geotechnical Engineering 

The PP bags are highly used to construct roads, mines, buildings, irrigation networks, railways, and all those constructions that we see in our everyday lives. Right from draining, filtering, and isolating, these bags perform all the necessary functions required during the construction processes. 

Daily Life Goods 

The PP jumbo bags are a great choice of travel bags, sunshades and temporary tents. Right from the farmers to the cargo agents, today, almost everyone uses these woven bags in one form or another. The pet food you purchase for your pet comes in a PP or FIBC bag. 

Flood Control 

The design of the sandbags was primarily for military and temporary flood defense. The woven PP bags in the form of sandbags play a critical role in preventing or reducing the detrimental effects of floodwaters. The polypropylene fabrics are highly resistant to dust, water tearing. Since rodents and soil bacteria cannot affect the bags, they make an excellent choice for sandbags. 

About Us

Founded in 2020 and headquartered in Ahmedabad, Mahindra Polyglobal LLP is a prominent PP Jumbo Bag Manufacturer. The fundamental business philosophy of the firm is gratitude towards society and hence contributes to producing dependable products for our customers. We design our bags n such as way so that they are easy to lift and store. We offer our customers different types of PP jumbo bags. Our primary products include four looped FIBC bags, circular bags, Q-bags, ventilated bags, tunnel loop bags, circular cross-corner PP woven bags, Heli bags and regular bags. We also offer our customers customized bags as per their requirements. 

In Conclusion

The above-mentioned inherent benefits of thePP Jumbo bag in terms of performance and cost are the actual proof that you should approach a PP Jumbo bag Manufacturer today without delay. To select the correct PP bulk bag manufacturer or exporter for your item who can boost your business in many remarkable ways. All you have to do is convey your requirements regarding desired size, usage, estimated orders and gather the best experience in storing, packaging, and transporting commodities.

So, what are you still waiting for? It’s high time to get top-quality PP Jumbo bags for catering to your packaging needs. Whether you are buying online or from a local PP Jumbo bag Manufacturer, you must be quite knowledgeable. However, make the best decisions on buying the most durable packaging solution.

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