Political Factors Affect The Business Environment

There are many external environmental factors that negatively affect the business positively. Business managers must address these issues and form opinions that minimize the impact of external terrain. These factors include political, lucrative, social, technological, legal, and environmental factors, also known as PESTLE analysis.

Political factors and the territory of a country impact any business association, and it can also introduce a threat factor that could hurt the business or discount its profits. The political landscape may change because the programs and behavior of the government in each position are civilized from the original position. It is important, of course, that a business should plan for variability in government programs and regulations to maintain a stable business territory.


Political factors are government regulations that impact business operations appreciatively and negatively. Directors must keep a raspberry eye view over political factors. These factors may be current and impending legislation, political stability and changes, freedom of speech, protection, and demarcation laws are factors affecting the business operation and conditioning.

How Political Factors Affecting Business Environment

Political factors can impact a business by making the request for that business less friendly. In general, the government has a lot of power over businesses, and many times, businesses can’t do anything about it.

Political factors can impact businesses in a colorful way. These external environmental factors can add a threat factor that can cause a large loss of business. These factors can completely change the outcome and, therefore, companies need to be able to address both the core and the international political issues.

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What Political Factors Affect the Business Environment?

With a change in government policies, there appear political factors that can change the entire industrial system. These differences can be financial, legal, or social and can have the following factors:

Tax and economic policies

Duty and profitable programs Adding or dwindling the rate of levies is a good illustration of a political element. Government regulations may raise the duty rate for some businesses and can lower the same for others due to specific reasons. This decision will directly impact businesses. This is why maintaining a strategy that can deal with similar situations is veritably important.

Political stability

Political stability A lack of political stability within a country can significantly impact the operations of a business. This can especially be true for businesses that are operating on a global scale. For a case, a hostile preemption can take over a government. Ultimately, such a situation will lead to sacking, screams, and general complaints within the terrain. Similar situations can disrupt business operations and conditioning, which can have a major impact on its nethermost line.

Foreign Trade Regulations

Foreign Trade Regulations Every business has a need to expand its business operations to other countries. Still, the political background of a country can impact the desire for a business to expand its operations. Tax programs that are particularly controlled by the government can induce a particular business to expand operations in different regions, whereas; other duty programs can hamper the process of business expansion for some diligence. Government enterprises, which have been designed to support original businesses, might work against transnational companies when the question is of their competitiveness in a foreign region. 

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Employment Laws

Employment laws are designed to cover workers’ rights and cover every aspect of the employer/employee relationship. Employment law is an aspect that is really complex and involves a number of risks. When businesses approach the most advanced of these laws, they can still get their business right, and those who make a mistake must be fully prepared for the consequences that will lead to it. 

In the ultramodern container, employees are subject to approximately 98 company credentials or warrants, and any change in employment law will certainly have a major impact on business operations.

Example Political Factors Affecting Nike

Conducting a macro terrain analysis, a good example of how political factors have affected a business can be associated with Nike. Nike is an encyclopedic reputable athletic apparel, footwear, sporting goods, and apparel. Nike is really lucky because the US government has developed a similar program that will encourage business growth.

The company enjoys stable currency and low-interest rate conditions and a truly competitive tariff system that helps the company to grow. 

The U.S. government has taken initiatives on transparency in the global value chain, and Nike has rendered extensive service to it. Nevertheless, Nike is facing difficult times for its outsourced manufacturers in other regions, such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam, where political unrest has increased.