Polish passport – why should you get it? X Advantages

The Polish passport is a document which confirms our identity and citizenship. Using this document we can travel abroad, also to countries which do not belong to the European Union. However, having a Polish passport is not only a tool thanks to which we can travel the world without long queues at the airport, but it is also a document which allows us to enjoy many other privileges. What are they? You will find out in a moment by reading the following article.

Application for a Polish passport – who can apply?

To apply for a Polish passport, we first need to obtain Polish citizenship. According to Polish law, there are several ways to obtain Polish citizenship, which include:

  • Birthright – covers people born in Poland with one or two Polish parents, or people born outside Poland but with at least one Polish parent.
  • Naturalization – covers persons who do not hold Polish citizenship but meet the residency, language and other criteria.
  • Citizenship by adoption – covers children under the age of 16 adopted by a Polish citizen.

If we want to apply for Polish citizenship, but we are not sure if we meet the requirements, let’s use the article https://fivetoeurope.com/polish-passport-application, where we will learn more about applying for a Polish passport and citizenship. Thanks to this knowledge, we will be able to save time and avoid mistakes in the whole process.

Polish passport – what benefits does it offer?

Owners of the Polish passport gain access to a number of privileges and conveniences, including, most importantly, free access to over 180 countries around the world! Consequently, we can travel without queues and many formalities. However, there is some more benefits such as:

Ease of travel

The Polish passport is considered to be one of the most beneficial passports in the world. This means that its owner can move around the world without major restrictions. Thanks to Poland being a member of the European Union, Poles can move freely between EU countries as well as Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. For many other countries, we no longer need visas and the formal procedures are much less complicated.

Privileges for EU citizens

Having a Polish passport also means having European Union citizenship. This allows Poles to enjoy many privileges, such as free movement of capital, goods and services within the EU. In addition, EU citizens have the right to work and reside in any EU member state.

Ease of working abroad

As mentioned above, EU citizens, including Poles, have easier access to work abroad. Many countries open their labour markets to EU citizens, which means that Poles can work in other EU countries under the same conditions as citizens of those countries.

Access to Polish social programmes

Poles living abroad who hold a Polish passport can benefit from Polish social programmes such as pensions, health benefits or allowances. This means that even if you work outside our country, you can collect Polish social benefits.

Safety and security

The Polish passport provides its holder with a great deal of protection and security when traveling. The Polish passport is considered to be one of the safest passports in the world. Why? Because Polish passports have many security features such as electronic microchips, holograms and fingerprints. This makes it almost impossible to falsify a Polish passport and thus deport it.

Increased business opportunities

If you are thinking of running a business in Poland, then applying for citizenship and a Polish passport is a great option. After all, Poland is one of the fastest growing markets in Europe, with many promising sectors such as IT, finance, agriculture and tourism. With a Polish passport, you can more easily establish business contacts and obtain grants to start and run a business.

Access to the Polish health system

Having a Polish passport gives you access to the Polish health system. Poland has a well-developed healthcare system, including many public and private hospitals and clinics. If you are a Polish citizen, you can benefit from health services in Poland without the need for additional health insurance.

Free quality education

In Poland, public education is at a very high level. Our country also admits many renowned universities and colleges. As a Polish citizen, you are therefore entitled to learn and study. You can also benefit from attractive study programmes abroad and also study in other European countries free of charge.

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