5 Points that will Make you Realize the Significance of QA

Sometimes people limit testing during the software development process due to the complexity of this process. This step plays an extremely imperative role in creating a good image of your company. It also saves money and time. Nevertheless, neglecting the quality assurance process has a direct negative impact on the end product.

QA process should be incorporated in the beginning. This is because repairing the cost of errors depends upon the stage in the software life-cycle. In another word, it is cheaper to resolve errors if you detect them at an earlier stage.

Let’s look at the 5 points that will make you realize the significance of quality assurance.

1. Incorporating Quality Assurance in Software Development Saves Time

According to the leading software testing companies and quality assurance teams’ variances in the time to resolve the problems and errors are directly dependent on the stage of the software development process. As mentioned previously, the earlier you detect it the earlier you solve it. As per various reports, it takes two and a half hours more to resolve an error that has taken place during the production phase than to resolve the same mistake during the requirement design phase.

2. Quality Assurance Reduces Financial Burden And Increases Confidence in The Product 

If the companies keep on detecting the flaws very late it is likely to increase the financial burden on the company. In this way, the reputation of the company will always be at stake. Therefore, the companies are advised to outsource the quality assurance process to a well-reputed software testing company.

Furthermore, the high quality of software being produced increases the confidence of customers in your product. This is because creating excellent quality software will create value for the company. However, the poor quality of the software will not deliver value to the customer and they will never turn back to your company.

3. Incorporating Quality Assurance Will Help To Avoid Breakdowns

 Performing test plays an imperative role in circumventing failures. As a result, the company can perform cost-effectively (in terms of time and money), as mentioned earlier. In 1998, NASA made a mistake and as a result, they had to bear the loss of the Mars orbiter. This mistake was small because the entire data was sent in metric units. But, the engineers understood data in English. This incurred a loss of $125million.

4. Quality Assurance Optimizes User-Experience 

It is very important to create an improved interface for the apps to satisfy the end customers. Enhanced user experience (UX) needs a different method. This is because it makes the user habitual of the application. 

5. Quality Assurances Enhances Security Level in The App

 After conducting various performance and safety tests, architecture errors can be easily identified. These errors are not visible to laymen. This offer prevents against:

  • Data leaks
  • Hacking attacks


In the past, quality assurance was viewed and an unimportant and additional cost. However, with the passage of time, engineers have realized the significance of QA. Attaining supreme quality is a very ambiguous process for both developers and testers. Nevertheless, it serves as an integral part of developing software. But, overall incorporating QA in the development is very profitable.

There is a misconception that customers are able to test the application on their own during the initial phase of the software development cycle. However, it is usually an invisible mistake from the user’s perspective. In the end, it causes very costly failures.

For this reason, it is extremely important for software development companies to visit software testing companies so they can get extremely high-quality apps. This is because quality matters a lot.