Poe Crafting the Perfect Gear and Currency Setup Guides

Making Currency in Path of Exile can be a challenge, and many players struggle to find ways to earn a steady income. One method of making Currency is through the use of Blueprints and Contracts Deception. Both of these can be great sources of income, but they require some understanding of how they work and some patience to utilize them to their fullest potential. In this Poe Guides article, we will discuss how to make Currency with Blueprints and Contracts Deception.

Blueprints are special maps that can drop from certain enemies, and they require Rope markers to reveal their rewards. To obtain Rope markers, players can complete Heists or kill mobs in the game. Once a Blueprint is revealed, it will contain a variety of rewards, such as Poe Divines, Divination cards, and other items. However, it is important to note that some Blueprints contain more valuable items than others, so choose the Blueprints that are likely to offer the most value.

To make Currency with Contracts Deception, players need to complete contracts that require Rope markers. Once completed, players will receive rewards such as Divination cards, PoE Currency, and rare items. As with Blueprints, it is essential to choose Contracts Deception that offers the highest reward potential.

When utilizing Blueprints and Contracts Deception to make Currency, it is crucial to keep track of your investments. Be sure to note the Rope markers you spend on each Blueprint or Deception Contract and the rewards you receive. This will help you calculate your profit and ensure that you are making the most of your investments.

In conclusion, using Blueprints and Contracts Deception can be an excellent way to make Currency in Path of Exile. By keeping track of your investments and choosing the contracts and blueprints that offer the highest reward potential, you can steadily increase your income and reach your goals in the game.


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