Importance of Podiatry and Foot Care for a Better Life

We probably don’t often think about our feet’ ‘role’ in our daily lives, but let’s face it; we would be in big trouble without them! Consider just how many hours of the day your trusty feet are there, standing, walking, rushing, driving your car – every part of your life involves your two healthy feet. The minute something gives way to them, you are probably really astonished. How come my feet are finally letting me down?

Podiatrists in Encino are continually surprised at how little thought the average person gives to the care and attention of their feet. Imagine our feet and lower legs bear the lion’s share of our body weight daily and stand up to this stress day after day. Eventually, this pressure can result in some form or other of a podiatry problem for many people. The good news is that Podiatrist in Encino is well equipped to deal with the myriad of issues presented to them daily.

When you consider the lower legs and feet take the total weight of the human body for many hours a day, the feet consist of dozens of delicate and tiny bones connected by ligaments and nerves through the entire length of the legs. Imagine all these small parts work together to provide a structure that supports the whole weight of the human body for the duration of its natural life – it’s truly unique. So what is not excellent is that things can, and do, go wrong, and the importance of the field of podiatry in Encino cannot be overemphasized. You may not realize that other problems you are experiencing can be traced back to your feet, for instance, lower back pain, knee problems, etc.

Attending a podiatry clinic regularly will help you understand the stresses and strains put on your feet and lower legs daily. Your friendly Podiatrists in Encino will explain ways that you can avoid back pain and other associated problems by looking after your feet. The podiatrist will undertake a biomechanical assessment which is also known as Gait Scan. It uses up-to-date podiatric knowledge with leading technology to assess/identify the underlying causes of common foot problems. Sounds crazy? Make an appointment to visit your local podiatrist as soon as possible so that you can avoid real issues in the future.

Many Podiatry offices are making the switch to Podiatry digital x-ray systems. When used in conjunction with Podiatry PACS, your podiatry clinic will experience a new wave of efficiency thanks to digitizing your patient’s medical images.

The first step is to change over to digital medical imaging. Many podiatry clinics choose to do this using Podiatry CR equipment. CR digital imaging capture systems can work in conjunction with existing film x-ray equipment that you might currently have in your medical office. CR systems can be used to retrofit film imagers, changing them into digital imaging devices that will produce images in the Dicom format. Another option for Podiatry x-ray is to use the robust Podiatry DR imaging systems currently available. DR imagers offer the highest resolution available in digital medical imaging and make a top choice for medical offices.

A digital image format much like jpeg, Dicom images allow the medical office to utilize various solutions for making office workflow improve. The most impressive one used by podiatry offices is the Podiatry PACS software and hardware systems. A PACS system allows a personal computer to read the Dicom images and then work with them in various practical ways. A PACS will enable you to view digital medical images on a Dicom workstation. These digital medical images may be enhanced with zoom, crop, rotation, brightness, and contrast features, making for a better x-ray and better patient care. Suppose the workstations are connected to the Internet. In that case, Dicom images may be sent and received via a secure World Wide Web connection on a local area network, a vast area network, or a virtual private network.

Another great benefit of podiatry in Encino using a PACS system is that it is much easier to comply with HIPPA regulations concerning patient privacy. Patients’ digital images and records must be backed up and archived securely, and your workstation running on PACS can be set to do this automatically for you. You can save digital medical images quickly and easily to a CD or DVD, or you may send them to a server for additional storage options. Off-site storage in this manner also means that you have all your records securely stowed should you need them for disaster recovery. Empire Foot and Ankle Center is the best Podiatry Clinic in Encino. The podiatrists are dedicated to providing high-quality foot and ankle care to people of all ages. For more info, call us today at 818-650-0004