PMP and 5 must be tools in your inventory

If you are a project manager, then you have a lot of responsibilities under your belt. A company hugely relies on its project managers to deliver. If they are efficient in nature, then there will be no difficulties for the company in the whole process. Enduring the difficulties of project management is what defines a project manager. If you are certified under PMP, then you have very good chances of getting sealed up by big companies. Nonetheless, there are small companies too who want might want a single individual to do the job of overseeing their progress and might hire a single project manager. This field has become very open with the flexibility that has been introduced since the modern time. A lot of processes are very scalable in nature; hence the small companies are also coming up to do business.


There is a lot of scope for a small-scale business to turn itself into a marketing giant. There are enough examples that are existing even now. But, to reach this stage, to achieve these heights, one needs the help of project management and project managers. The job of a project manager is vested with a lot of opportunities, and it at times can be a very tiresome job too. PMP to date is the most important certification for project managers. It is one of the most popular certifications as well. The importance of PMP can be determined from the fact that there is a massive rise in the number of PMP certified individuals who are getting into important job roles in numerous companies. PMP doesn’t put a barrier to the nature of the industry one will work in. There are non-IT industries where project managers work in, and they have taken up highly responsible positions in those organizations.


Tools Required for A Project Manager


There are several tools that are required by a project manager to carry out his/her work. They help in different dimensions of work, starting from scheduling tasks, tracking the budget, tracking the progress of the work, identifying the risks involved, etc. These tools are nothing but certain applications or dashboards, to be precise, which help a project manager to perform his/her duties efficiently. Cyfe is a dashboard that is a very scalable tool, which means it can be applied to both small and big businesses alike. It is a dashboard where one can get several facilities for doing business, hence very often called an all in one business dashboard. It has very advanced features that help a project manager to work with ease. It can be integrated with other platforms as well, which is a major advantage of this dashboard. Another tool is SAP Lumira, which is also a very scalable tool and can be used by small and big businesses alike.


It is a tool with the best in class visualization facilities so that a project manager can understand and visualize the available data in order to chalk out some effective measures to improve certain aspects where they lack at. There are a lot of benefits of using this tool as it also allows us to see data analysis and benchmarking among several other information. The next important tool is Zoho Report, which can be described as a drag and drop tool, and it has functions that are very flexible and can be used with relatively easier methods than other tools. It is a favorite among project managers due to its flexibility and adaptability. There are several graphical representations of the data which help a project manager to visualize in a better way. These representations include pie charts, pivot tables, etc. The most important feature would be the download option, which is available for the project managers.


Due to this feature, they can download the reports and save it for future purposes. One can upload it to the cloud for reducing the chances of not losing it. The next important tool will be TD/OMS. These tools are supported by a wide range of operating systems. The examples are platforms like Windows, Unix/Linus, and IBM. The most exciting feature of this tool would be its task manager option, which reduces a lot of risks. Auditing becomes very easy under this tool, and IT Auditors use it as well. The last tool we are going to discuss is Whatfix. This is the tool that is most scalable in nature. It can be used by small, medium, and large companies together. The in-built features of this tool are widely appreciated among the project managers.