Plumbing Issues that Need Professional Service

Do you have a leaky roof or a broken pipe in the home? Then, you must immediately call the plumber to avoid the issue of it turning worse and lose the water. The plumbers will come to your place with the right set of plumbing tools to fix the problems in no time. You need to get the water related equipment inspected regularly. Sometimes, there will be a plumbing issue persisting in the home, but the homeowner does not consider it an emergency until it becomes worse.


The emergency plumber comes to your place to fix the urgent and emergency plumbing issue where the water is continuously leaking from taps, showerheads, or roof. The water leakage would cause severe damage to the floor and result in the growth of mold, so you must call the emergency plumber immediately. You do not try to fix the issue since it can end up costing you more. It is only the expert who can identify the root cause of the leakage.


Few of the emergencies when you must call an emergency plumber to include:



When the water flows through the source due to broken tap or leakage, you need to call the plumber to attend this issue. There could be a myriad of reasons for water flooding. It could be a burst of pipe, clogging of the sink, or some other problem. When flooding happens, it could damage the flooring and furniture of the home. You must hire a professional emergency plumber to keep this damage at bay. These people give a permanent solution instead of providing a temporary one.


Burst or leaky pipes

The main cause of the flooding is due to the burst of the pipe. Though burst of pipe would flood the home or not, it is an emergency that must call a plumber to fix it. Before calling the professional, you must shut off the valve to stop the water. It reduces the damage that is caused by water. If the water seeps into the flooring, the damage would be irreparable. Act immediately and call the emergency plumber. They will identify the burst pipes, repair them, and make sure that it does not occur in the future.

Emergency Plumber
Emergency Plumber

Frozen pipes

The frozen pipes are the common plumbing issue found in the region where the mercury levels plummet. The biting cold temperature would freeze the pipes outside the home. The paper in the pipes would form ice, resulting in a burst of pipes due to expansion. The frozen pipes would not let the water flow into the toilet or kitchen. You cannot even take a shower. You must call the emergency plumber immediately to repair the frozen pipes. If you ignore it, it could further damage the pipes.


Overflowing of toilet

The clogging toilet will result in the accumulation of water in one place. You can get rid of this messy situation by hiring a plumber. The cause of the overflowing toilet could be a complicated or straightforward plumbing problem. Before the plumber comes to your place, shut off the valve to avoid using the flush.


Smell in sewage

There are high chances you of you to notice some pungent smell near the drains and sewages. When there is some unpleasant smell spreading across the sewage sump, there could be a problem in the septic tank. The excess water accumulated in the tank would make its way to the home. If this happens, you cannot use the toilet, sink, or shower until the sewer issue is fixed. You should not try to fix this issue since you may be prone to health issues.


Clogging of drain

The drain in the bathroom and kitchen would get clogged due to accumulated food particles, hair, and grease. Though clogging is not a big issue, it may turn out complicated if isn’t addressed immediately. The plumber will address this issue briskly and clear the drain.


Water heater issues

If there is any leak in the water heater, seek the plumber’s help. You must check the drip pan to confirm that the leakage is in the heater. When the heater is leaky, it is tough to contain the water. The emergency plumber only can fix this problem.

These all are severe problems and they can turn out badly if you do not get professional help immediately.