Play your role in changing the life of an orphan in Kashmir with KORT.

We all know the background of Azad Kashmir. Life is very complex and complicated and has no mercy, but these are Allah’s will and we cannot do anything, but we can pray and help them with your donations. You can play a role in welfare and prepare the future of orphans. KORT is on a mission to save orphans with your help.

Donate your share with KORT to save orphans:

We all donate our share to poor and needy people. Orphans deserve our donations, Zakat, and Sadaqah. In Islam, we must help orphans. Donate your Zakat with KORT to save the life of orphans. Your little contribution can give life to an orphan of Kashmir. Your little effort can give a child a bright future. We work to save orphans’ dreams and try our level best to make their dreams come true.

Proper Nutrition diet:

We give orphans of Kashmir healthy and hygienic food with your donations. We bring your donation toward the actual deserver. If the diet is not proper, kids cannot beat the challenges of life. So, we care about their diet and give them proper meals. We look after them as our own children. We concern about their all needs. Diet is essential for children to fight disease.

KORT educational complex:

KORT education complex is for the education of orphans. We give them a healthy competitive environment. We conduct healthy and positive contests for them to polish their skills. At KORT education complex, they are gaining education in business law engineering fields. We are preparing future icons. Furthermore, orphans have equal right to get high quality of education same as KORT doing for them.

The opportunity to learn.

KORT give the opportunity of learning to orphans of Kashmir. We give them the opportunity of learning skills that can help them in the future. Life changing lessons are also given to orphans so they can run their business and earn the bread of life. These skills help them to survive. 

we have a over 400 children learning these skills and are enjoying basic standards of living at our complex.

Empower orphans and the less privileged. 

KORT is conducting training programs and educational opportunities for orphans so they can become skillful. If a person has the skill, he can survive because he can earn with his skill and fulfill his basic needs. We aim to empower orphans of Kashmir and the less privileged. We give them an education that is wings for the orphans and help them find their sky to fly higher and higher.

Now the competition is high in the future; life becomes more complex and complicated. We are preparing the future of the orphans of Kashmir. Our aim is to give them the confidence and a message for them they or not alone.

Serving community 

Due to some natural disaster some areas lost access to food and water KORT also help them. KORT provides them with clean and pure water to save them from dangerous diseases. KORT not only works for orphans but is available for disaster struck area all time. If a disaster happens, KORT is normally the first on site and give them food, water, and other facilities. These are achieved with your help. We need to come hands together to save lives. We can imagine the pain of a person who lost everything, but we give them support and show them love and care.

We maintain our policy. We are a 100% donation Charity; we have many appeals running our funds are used for orphans in Kashmir or the specific appeal you donate to. Donate your Zakat and Sadaqah with KORT to save lives and give them a new life.

With your little effort to donate your Zakat and Sadaqahs with KORT, we can give a new life to an orphan in Kashmir.