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Role of Technology in Today’s World

Play Online KBC Game – Technology is a broad and vast word you can’t compare it to one particular thing and this is not specific to the one field. Things that are benefiting man today and saving him a time are in the category of technology like transport, computer, smartphones, electricity, and a dozen more.

Today’s technology has become a necessity for every human being. Rather, it is straightforward that man cannot live today without technology and today science and technology are one of the basic human needs. Not just on a large scale technology helps the people, but it also helps individuals.

Technology can improve the economic situation on a large scale you can besiege, countries with good economic conditions will definitely be at the forefront of science and technology. Today everything is connected with technology and human life has become easier. Man is making new discoveries in science with the help of technology today, man is totally dependent on science and technology.

Today, man has reached the heights of the sky from the depths of the sea through science and technology. Science and technology has completely changed human life. Now with the help of this, man is able to improve his lifestyle in the fields of education, tourism, medicine, business, agriculture, and biology. Now the model of business has completely changed and technology has made it much easier for consumers to buy and sell goods Consumers can also keep a record of computer-generated transactions.

This is all about technology now we want to highlight those major problems that human-faced before the technology.

World Before The Technology:

In ancient times, man spent a lot of time on everything but today, with the help of technology, man can do everything in less time. The problems facing during travel in ancient times, it took a long time for a person to move from one place to another at that time humans did not have any kind of vehicles. Technology made a lot of cars Due to which it has become very easy and possible for human beings to reach any corner of the world in a limited time. Through technology, man is using airplanes, trains, cars, motorcycles, and helicopters for traveling purposes. Due to these facilities, the world turns on to the global village.

One of the biggest problem before this technology was communication, when you lived in a remote area you had a lot of problems and you thirsted to talk to your loved ones, the only way you could get them could have sent your message via P.O box but the process had so boring, very slow and a lot of time waste, sometimes it took months, but now you can see the environment how this problem is solved and how much progress is made today.

Today we see how beautiful this problem is being solved now you can talk with your loved one from anywhere around the world through your mobile phones. Let discuss the major discovery of science and technology the smartphones because smartphones play a major role in today’s world.


If we talk about smartphones, it is a great achievement of science and technology. Ever since smartphones were made so many of the problems of the modern world have been solved because they solve and work on multiple problems. If you say I need a calculator smartphone will help you, if you say I need a torch smartphone will help you, similarly it helps you in many ways like sending and receiving calls, SMS, and much more.

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If we say that a smartphone is a small computer this would be not wrong because the maximum things which computers can, now smartphones also the ability of that work. You can play the videos, you can play games on it, send email through your smartphones, also call the video calls and you can use the internet facility on the smartphones.You actually have a computer in your pockets.

From entertainment in life to important things you can do on smartphones you can also solve your educational problem through smartphones. Now you can study at the world’s most expensive university via smartphones from YouTube and from different websites and can benefit from the teacher of your choice.

How Smartphones Become Very Common:

You can see that smartphones are becoming more common these days the reason is that it is now associated with the life of humans, in today life every single person need smartphones. Also, there are two major reasons behind this.

•You can buy smartphones at a lower price and this is affordable for many people due to which smartphones have become very popular in society.

•As we mentioned above smartphones help you in many ways, now you don’t need multiple devices to solve your different problems but you just need a smartphone.

Technology is advancing even further in the different fields now you can use your smartwatches as a smartphone and this is amazing.