Plastic storage containers have advantages for your warehouse.

Every warehouse has unique requirements and standards Consequently, it is crucial to identify storage solutions for your organisation

that generate more space, time, and productivity Here, plastic containers are really useful. It is wise to include plastic storage containers in

your warehouse.

They come in a variety of sizes and forms and make excellent use of space. Transportable and replaceable industrial bins allow you to

remain organised without requiring a substantial investment. No matter the application, a storage container is designed for it, and we will

likely transport it. Here are some commercial benefits of plastic storage containers linbin

Simpler inventory administration

If inventory can be easily identified and accessed, it is much easier to manage stock and avoid out-of-stock issues. Inadequate storage

management may necessitate the write-off of expired inventory if you deal in perishable items. Smaller objects are more difficult to locate.

A well-organized workplace facilitates employee access to all objects. Sitecraft Australia have the best manual handling equipment to make sure your warehouse remains organised.This is where open-front bins come in helpful, as they provide easy access

and sight for the speedy selection of parts. The label holders allow for straightforward item identification, and the dustproof plastic covers keep

them clean and dry while making label change easier.

Simple to clean

Our stackable containers’ smooth inside walls make cleanup quick and convenient. Use a clean, moist cloth to maintain the perfect appearance of

our storage solutions.

Better space use

Are you using empty boxes and half utilised pallets to store air? There exists a superior way. The majority of plastic storage bins and containers are

stackable and comprise interlocking portions that can be rearranged to fit any space to provide tall, stable storage without the need for shelves.

Bins can be connected horizontally from left to right and vertically from top to bottom using four plastic pillars. Sliding bins are effective space

savers because, in addition to stacking, their contents may be accessed by sliding them back and forth Additional horizontal plastic dividers

are available to further compartmentalise the container Excellent choice: wall-mounted stackable bins with a back hinge for mounting on

louvred panels. They come in a variety of colours to accommodate your inventory labelling systems.

Product security

The interlocking lids of Nesting Containers allow you to open the container without removing the lid.

Optionally, you can use the one-time anti-theft lock system to protect the product’s integrity Additionally

once empty, they can be easily nested to minimise space linbin


Most businesses favour plastic storage solutions over cardboard boxes, metal, and wooden storage units due to their longevity

When plastic containers for storage are kept sealed and undamaged, they are impervious to external forces In addition they are

made from durable, lightweight, high-density polypropylene, rendering them waterproof, rustproof, and resistant to ultraviolet light.

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