Plastic crates Vs. Wooden crates: What to choose?

In order to complete a successful move, a sufficient number of cardboard packing boxes must be carefully considered. Any reduction in the number of boxes needed to move can cause unnecessary delays and be costly for any growing business.

The large plastic storage containers are typically used to transport large, heavy or awkward products or items. These heavy loads are usually placed in wooden and steel crates. Bottles and other fragile items and small plastic crates are kept for delivery.

Wooden crates

The design of the wooden crate is finished, closed and open. Frame crates are made of skeleton structure, no material is cast to protect the surface from theft. The open wooden crate is made of 12 pieces of wood. Each lumber is placed along the outer edge of the material, while additional lumber is placed diagonally to prevent distortion of the torque. Closed wooden boxes, as they are named, are partially or wholly enclosed by certain materials, such as plywood and wooden boards. Steel boxes are rarely used because of their weight. They are often manufactured as open crates and are sometimes referred to as cages and to buy large plastic crates.

Plastic crates

Plastic boxes are often used for the shipment of bottles of milk, beer, water and other drinks. Plastic milk boxes are either rectangular or square interlocking boxes used to transport dairy products from dairy farms to retail establishments. Bottles or Beverages Plastic crates are containers used to transport beverages.

The plastic creates are made of heavy-duty polypropylene making them extremely strong and safe. They can withstand the harsh movements they will be subject to. The manufacturers of these packing containers have significantly improved their overall efficiency. They have superb impact resistance and weather performance properties. They are long lived and can be reused. They are also stackable for up to four crates, filling each crate one by one.

The Plastic crates for hire are delivered completely clean, which is a guarantee of competent rental companies. Unlike cardboard packing boxes, which require time to assemble before use, plastic boxes are ready for use upon delivery.

The Plastic Packing Crate can be directly delivered to any specified location at the given time. This is great for employees who can attend to the more urgent matters at hand without the burden of delivery and downtime in preparing containers for packing. There is a wide range of plastic boxes that can cater to a wide variety of items specifically designed for transportation.