Plasma Donation Near Me: 10 Highest-Paying Centers

Are there any good plasma donation centers near me? This question has become common these days, as the requirement of donors is increasing day by day. Today, many people saw the need to donate plasma to support medical facilities in stopping various health issues, particularly life-threatening ones (blood cancer, leukemia, hemophilia, and autoimmune).

With this day-to-day evolution, disorders are increasing, and the need for plasma donors is also rising gradually. When a person donates, they give strength and hope to people who need them badly and their family members who act worried. Based on various factors, a donor can earn between $20 to $50 on each donation. It is likely to get higher or lesser – depending on the payment rates for donors in each donation center.

Top Ten Highest Paying Plasma Donation Centers Near Me

Tons of Americans have proceeded to determine interest in donating plasma to centers. And as the process is roughly the same everywhere, it is solely natural to wonder, “Are there any highest-paying plasma donation centers near me?” Scroll down and flip through the below-mentioned list for the most desirable option:

CSL Plasma Donation Centers

Commonwealth Serum Laboratories pays monthly earnings of up to $400 to new donors, which they can receive on reloadable paid cards. 

GCAM Plasma Donation Centers

Green Cross America Plasma is paying $45 on each donation. Yet, if you are an old donor, you will get a bonus program that can get you loads of prizes and rewards. 

Bio Life Plasma Donation Centers

Bio Life Plasma is paying between $20 to $40 per visit. They additionally offer reloadable debit cards where they transfer the money paid for your trust at the centers. 

Octapharma Plasma Donation Centers

Octaplasma is offering donors a $50 payment for the first five donations. All their donation stations hold unique promotions to give donors.

The Interstate Blood Bank Inc. 

Interstate Blood Bank, Inc. has no cash information disclosed on their site. Yet, donors have declared that they give up to $50 for each plasma donation. 

B Positive Plasma Donation Centers

B Positive Plasma has declared that they offer donors $500 per month. But payment rates may differ from location to location.

BPL Plasma Donation Centers

Bio Products Laboratory gives plasma donors up to $300 every month onward with referral fees and promotions.

Grifols Donation Centers

Grifols is paying $200 per month for plasma donations. You are required to find out what the flow is from the most expected center near to you.

Ked plasma Donation Centers

Plasma donors will earn more than $400 per month by donating for Ked plasma. The users can receive cash via prepaid debit card.

Immunotek Plasma Donation Centers

Immunotek exposes no data about how much they give. Still, then, you donors can claim a $20 coupon for each referral they make.  We hope that you find the fit best plasma donation center near you!