PLANT MOTHER IntroducesVitamin C and Retinol Serums

High-Quality Skincare With Low Environmental Impact

Miami, FL- Emerging clean beauty company Plant Motherintroduces the only 100% organicvegan Retinol and Vitamin C serums on the market. The entire collection is formulated to be true skin food, made of fresh ingredients with rich nutritious profile.Unlike other brands, Plant Mother grows its ingredients and hand-crafts the products in-house ensuring the freshest, highest-quality serums.

The organic Vegan Vitamin C serum is Plant Mother’s most-loved“child”, nicknamed the liquid sunshine. Thelight, oil-based formulation contains natural Vitamin C with Kakadu Plum and over 20 skin-feeding botanicals. This nutrient-dense ingredient is a real game-changer with 55 times more Vitamin C than oranges. The unique waterless formulation feeds the skin, stimulates collagen production, and speeds cell regeneration to keep skin protected and radiant.

“I’ve created a safe and healthy skincare, free of chemicals, 100% organic, vegan, and packed with powerful botanical nutrients, antioxidants, and multivitamins.” Plant Mother’s founder and CEO Jena Joyce said. “Weuse only the cleanest, organically grown ingredients that boost not only skin but alsoyour health.”

Plant Mother’s Organic Plant-Based Retinol serum is a clean, vegan alternative to a lab-produced Retinol. Conventional Retinol is typically made from synthetic animal-based ingredients that can cause irritation and redness. However, Plant Mother’s vegan retinol is made for even the most sensitive skin. It contains antioxidants derived from organic Bakuchiol vs retinoland over 20 vegan anti-aging botanicals. Bakuchiol is a sacred plant of traditional Chinese medicine, often called “botanical face lift” due to its strong anti-aging properties.

“We’re fully accountable for each ingredient we use and the impact we have not only on women’s health, but on the environment as well.” Jena Joyce commented. “As a conscious brand, Plant Mother firmly believes in creating clean natural ingredients and products without sacrificing efficiency, sustainability, or animal rights.”

Plant Mother has always put the planet first. Products are hand-crafted in company’sstudio where water conservation and carbon offsetting are of the utmost importance. The brand is committed to eco-friendly practices and never utilizes animal testing. Through its brand ambassador program, the company has been recruiting sustainable skincare fans who appreciate Plant Mother’s 100% recyclable, zero-waste packaging, made without any plastic.


PLANT MOTHER is aclean skincare brand that specializes in the production of 100% organic vegan products. Unlike other brands, PLANT MOTHER grows its ingredients and hand-crafts the products in-house ensuring the freshest, highest-quality serums.The brand is fully dedicated to reducing its environmental impact – carbon footprint, water conservation, and waste reduction.It is 100% made in the US.