Planning to get married in Georgia? Learn the Right way to Georgia Marriage Process

Well. Let’s get something clear at the beginning itself. For residents based in the UAE, the process is cost-effective. Furthermore, the full procedure takes a couple of weeks to complete.

Things you should know about the fast marriage procedure in Georgia

The entire wedding planning process is handled by a team of wedding specialist which includes all the assistance and filing for your big day. The Georgia wedding package is for those keen to tie the knot in Georgia. 

They make certain that all relevant conditions have been met before beginning the procedure. It is vital to note that once the entire process is completed in Georgia, your embassy must legalise it.

Procedure to follow in Georgia for the fast marriage process

  • Legal ConsultationThe first step in the procedure is to meet with the legal adviser who will guide you through the specifics.
  • Documents Translation and Notarization:  The internal procedure necessitates the preparation and standardization of a few more papers.
  • Power of Attorney: A lawyer with a power of attorney will handle the process on the client’s behalf.
  • Local Registrar: All needed paperwork will be sent to the Civil Registrar’s office by the local registrar.
  • Local Legalization: Once authorized and issued, the wedding certificate will go through the local legalization procedure, including a Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamp.
  • International Legalization and Apostille: Your wedding certificate will be legalized entirely for your home country after the local legalization process is completed. At this time, your wedding certificate will also be apostilled, making it legal and recognizable in over 100 countries that are members of the Apostille convention.

Need of witness for the fast marriage process

  • The parties must sign all three marriage certificates, the two witnesses, and the registered wedding ceremony.
  • The goal is to swear in court as to the identity of the parties or to witness to the circumstances surrounding the ceremony, including the date and location.

Things non-residents must possess for fast court marriage in Georgia

  • Both couples must be over the age of 18.
  • Both spouses must provide photocopies of their passports in addition to the originals.
  • The birth certificate is in its original form.
  • A pre-marriage medical fitness certificate is required.
  • A prior marriage certificate is necessary in the case of a divorce.
  • The original death certificate is necessary in the case of a window.

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