Planning for Travel in Turkey? Tips and Guides to Follow

Are you going to plan for a trip to Turkey to spend your vacation? Learn how to prepare for your trip and what to need to make a successful trip and reduce the anxiety. Before you go, below are some valuable tips for traveling in Turkey:

Before you go:

Before traveling to Turkey, confirm your passport is valid for a minimum of six months beyond your stay. A visa is required for US citizens, which may be obtained on arrival at the airport or a border post for a fee. This tourist visa allows a stay for up to 3 months in Turkey. The cost must be purchased in cash; euros, Japanese yen, UK pounds, or US dollars are acceptable.

When to go:

The shortest months to go to Turkey are between May – October. If you’re visiting in July or August, it knows to bring a sun hat and sunscreen to guard against the blazing sun. Sunscreen is dear in Turkey, so it’s a simple idea to bring it along. If you’re visiting within the winter, you’ll need warm clothes because the temperatures may go as low as 5F, especially within the central-eastern parts of Turkey.

What to pack:

Clothes in Turkey are both inexpensive and trendy. Therefore, pack lightly, as you’ll buy clothes there. Take along flat shoes for walking because the sidewalks are often uneven and broken with unexpected holes. Take along some boots for the water as many beaches are rocky. Most crude supplies are inexpensive in Turkey, but sunscreen isn’t – so bring that with you.

Dressing in Turkey:

When visiting mosques and non-secular sites, you’ll get to remove your shoes upon entering. Dress must be modest for both men and ladies. Women are required to hide their heads with a shawl. Additionally, men and ladies are required to wear clothes that cover their legs and shoulders. When you want to visit mosques, you have to keep silent. Besides, most mosques are closed for visiting at the time of prayer.

Avoid beachwear while visiting places aside from the beach. While Turkey may be a secular culture, it’s essential to decorate like one dress during a town within the USA in cities.

Food in Turkey:

Drink only drinking water while in Turkey. Though water is often drunk, even the Turks drink only drinking water.

  • To experience real Turkish food:
  • Find restaurants in most tourist areas.
  • Find restaurants where food and costs are local.
  • Try Raki while eating mezze, small appetizers.
  • Keep track of what you ordered and see the prices so you’ll a no surprise once you get the bill.
  • Dine-in tiny places, fancy restaurants, and significant places – the food is superb!

Shopping in Turkey:

There are not any fixed prices in Turkey. In small shops and markets, bargaining is a component of Turkish culture. Before you create a sale, attempt to get the costs down as low as possible. In most cases, leave the shop or vendor and pretend to steer away. You’ll probably be invited back to the shop by the seller, asking what your best offer is. Then, be happy to declare your price. Bargaining margins start at 10% and may quickly go up to 60%.

Visiting museums and other sights:

Most museums have closed a minimum of at some point every week. If you’re traveling independently, check the dates and times of museum openings. Archeological sites are often visited a day of the week from 9 am to 5 pm, within the summer. Within the winter, it’s a simple idea to see these times also.

Getting Around:

Cheap transportation in Turkey may be a dolmus, which may be a cross between a bus and a taxi. The dolmus features a predefined route – you’ll get on at specific locations, but you’ll get off anywhere. It always will cost about 50 cents, and therefore the driver won’t take a tip.


In Turkey, it’s common to go away the tenth tip permanently service at restaurants, to guides, and taxi drivers.

Public restrooms:

Finding public restrooms in Turkey is often a drag. Though hotels have improved the quality, small restaurants will often have “holes’ as toilets. On the opposite hand, all mosques have public restrooms, or “Tuvalet.” In Turkish, “Bay is that the word for men and “Bayan” for ladies.

Consider those mentioned holiday tips before you are going to plan a trip to Turkey. I Hope, these top and most important holiday tips will help you.