Planning For Gorilla Trekking – Know When To Go And Where To Go

Africa is not only famous for its safari but is also home to half of the mountain gorillas existing on earth today. Uganda is one of the three countries where gorilla trekking is available. Two national parks in Uganda are conducting gorilla trekking. There are 18 families of gorillas’ habitats there.

These families are part of tourism.  Among them, 17 families are present in Bwindi Impenetrable National park, and one family is available for gorilla trekking in Mgahinga National Park. Home to Africa Tours and Travel offers many packages for gorilla sightings suitable for the requirement of different travellers. Each tour of Home to Africa Tours and Travel explore varied regions. The Home to Africa Tours and Travel can adjust the itinerary according to your needs.

Uganda is the pearl of Africa and is famous for gorilla trekking. The place offers the most fantastic experience you cannot compare with other things on your Africa tour. You will experience an unbelievable environment on your trek through the Jungle. With each movement, your expectations will rise, and you will get your reward by sighting the few gorillas in the world.

Let’s explore more about gorilla trekking in Africa. Firstly, let us explain what gorilla trekking is in Uganda to you.

What is gorilla trekking?

Gorilla trekking is a long walk into the dense forest like Bwindi National Park, looking for gorillas. The hike consists of walking into the bushes with an experienced local guide, getting untidy and tired while searching for the family of the gorilla living here. It is an awe-inspiring experience for travellers. It leaves them with many unforgettable stories to tell in future.

Now question where you can see these gorillas. Bwindi Impenetrable National park and Mgahinga are famous for gorilla sightings. Whereas Bwindi has the highest number of gorillas, making it the most sought destination for gorilla trekking. Bwindi Impenetrable National park is in the south western part of the country and is the most popular in East Africa.

This national park has four different sections.

  • Buhoma
  • Nakuringo
  • Rushaga
  • Ruhija

These sectors have an impressive variety of campsites and lodges, craft stalls, restaurants and guiding services.

When to plan gorilla trekking?

You can go gorilla trekking throughout the year in Uganda. The place experiences two significant seasons – one is the dry season. Another one is the wet season. People intending to go on mountain gorilla trekking should keep one thing in mind, it is an intensive experience. You may spend the entire day trekking.

The guide will lead you through the world of gorillas while explaining all the aspects of their behaviour and ecology.  It is best to plan your gorilla trekking in the dry season.  It is the best time because the ground stays dry in this season. It begins in June and July. It also goes on to August, September and December. It ends In January and February.

During this season, it is easy for trekkers to hike and walk through the steep slopes and busy forests. It also kept the gorillas dry. Unlike the wet season when the ground is slippery and muddy, making it difficult for humans and apes to walk around.