Planning For A Solo Trip To Malta – What To Know

Solo travel is something which we all want to try at least once in a lifetime. But exploring a new country all by ourselves gives us goose bumps. There are a number of worries that cross our mind like the concern of travelling all alone, you getting bored and being unsafe. Thus, it is important to keep your mind open and do a little extra preparation before you plan to travel alone.

Travelling alone can get you confidence, improve your decision-making skills and most importantly gives you a sense of freedom. Malta is one of the great solo destinations to start with, as it is one of the safest places to travel. And you do not have to worry about travelling on a budget as it is totally possible for you here. 

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Apart from this resort, you need to some more reasons to start our solo travel here:

  • Malta is a beautiful place with incredible architecture, history and culture. This island is said to be a tale of sun, sea and stone.
  • It is one of the best as a water sports destination, with maximum activities on and under the water. You can do snorkelling, scuba diving, paddle boarding, and kayaking. Everything is available here. You can also enjoy your beach-side entertainment like the jet ski, speed boating and banana rides. This would be an exciting place for people who like the sea and water.
  • Malta is a great hiking destination, especially for solo travellers. Though there are no mountains here, you will find many dramatic cliff edges which are present in the untouched countryside and historical monuments. You will also find many hiking routes on the main island of Malta and also on Gozo and Comino.
  • Malta is great when it comes to culture and festivals. Here the festivals and events are something which everyone likes such as the Malta international jazz festival which is one the best musical celebrations here. You also got Festival Mediterranea which is having a choice between the theatre, opera and dance productions. 
  • Malta does have a festival of light called the Birgu festival which is located at Birgu also called Vittoriosa, which is the oldest historic city in Malta. Here the entire streets and houses are lit by colourful candles.
  • Another most exciting festival here is the Malta International Arts Festival, where there is a variety of arts like dance, theatre, music and painting. 
  • Lastly, Malta is very famous for its fireworks which happen throughout the summer. Especially the one which happened on the 1st of May when Malta’s accession had happened into the European Union. On this day, an extra-spectacular firework takes place at Grand Harbour and it is something worth seeing. 

In every way, Malta can be the right choice for your solo travel. So you better step out of your comfort zone and try to overcome your fears by going on this adventure trip of solo travelling.