Plannero Review – Price & OTOs + Exclusive 5,000 Bonuses + Bundle

To achieve success on social media, consistency is crucial, and Plannero is a recently launched social media agency app that helps businesses tackle this challenge. With Plannero, businesses can conveniently plan and personalize their content for an entire year, utilizing over 250 templates for major calendar events and festivals worldwide. Moreover, the app provides a wide range of customizable content ideas for everyday use and enables users to create fully branded videos in just one minute, featuring a powerful video editor.

Plannero’s features include managing multiple brands from a single dashboard, direct sharing of videos on leading social media platforms, and downloading and sharing videos from anywhere.

Additionally, Plannero offers agency and commercial rights, allowing users to schedule content to go live on several social media platforms from within the app. Therefore, Plannero is an excellent option for businesses seeking social media management services.


Plannero is a perfect app to provide social media management services to other businesses and even handle clients fully hassle-free.

Plannero FE: Plannero

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Plannero OTO 1: Plannero Bundle

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Plannero OTO 2: Plannero Fast Pass 

Plannero OTO 3: Plannero Unlimited

Plannero OTO 4: Plannero Agency


Plannero OTO 5: Plannero DFY Template Club


Plannero OTO 6: Plannero White Label

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Plannero OTO 7: Plannero Agency Mastery


Plannero is giving you:


Create brands and have full-blown branded Content Calendars from where you can plan, customize and schedule content to go for respective brands.

The Templates will be Auto-branded using the logo, website address, tagline, contact info, and other details that you provide and you can customize anything you want in the videos.


A huge collection of gorgeous Templates covering major calendar events across the globe. We have over 250+ Templates covering major events and festivals across countries.

Search for any event or get a view of all the events in a particular calendar month ready to go for the chosen country under the All Events section.

Be it Independence day, Halloween, Cinco De Mayo, or any other festival or event, we have a gorgeous Done-For-You Template that is quickly customizable and posted.


We have a vast collection of International Event Templates that are celebrated across countries like Women’s Day, Mother’s day, and so on..

All you need to do is pick and schedule or you can even customize if you choose to..


A huge collection of Everyday Content Ideas perfect for non-event days including motivational videos, quote videos Fitness tips, Health tips, and Finance tips that are perfect to go on any day.

Just pick and customize the one you like and schedule it on any day to harness engagement.

You will never run out of ideas for any day.


You can customize any template with an easy-to-use editor. You will find all the layers of the chosen template and edit as per your choice by simply pointing & clicking on it.

You can add,
✅ Videos
✅ Images
✅ Text
✅ Audio
✅ Other Assets

You can add anything you want and easily adjust it in the timeline, based on when you want it to appear.


Make your videos better with millions of searchable high-quality video assets from Pixabay and millions of high-quality images from Pixabay and Pexels.

For audio, you can choose from our collection or even record your own.


You can even upload your own video, image, or Audio and use it in your videos.


Just point & click on any element and you resize, and change the alignment, opacity, and Rotation. You can even add Animation effects like intro and outro animation effects to any elements of the video. For text, you can adjust the font size, font type, text color, background, and a lot of other parameters.


We know that one size doesn’t fit all social media platforms. You will find all the templates in 3 popular social media sizes. You can create square videos (1:1) , landscape videos (16:9) and portrait videos (9:16)

You can easily swap between sizes by using the resize option on the editor


Give life to your video ideas and even create your own videos from scratch. Click on Create New post and start creating your video from scratch using the point & click timeline editor. You can create videos up to 1 minute in length which is perfect for Social Media Content & Ads.


Quickly preview the videos on the all events page and add all the videos you like to the shortlist just like a wishlist. Later you can see all the videos you have shortlisted and customize them if needed before scheduling them to go live.


You can integrate your social media pages for each brand separately and schedule your content to go live on these platforms at any time of your choice. You can post content directly on major social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin & Twitter.

Schedule months or years’ worth of content in advance and even go on a vacation.

You can schedule a single video or even multiple videos at once and set custom time for each video.


No problem if you do not want to post the videos directly on any social network. You can download the video in HD, FHD, or even 4K and the video will be rendered and can be downloaded to your local system.


You can store up to 1 GB of data inside the app. But you can connect your cloud storage drives like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3 in the settings. You can also add SMTP settings and customize email templates if needed under the settings tab.


Plannero also provides you with detailed Analytics where you can see Total events, number of downloads, rendered videos, and the storage used.

You can also check brand-wise analytics for a given period of time that will show you the number of downloads and scheduled events making it easy to monitor each brand separately.


With Plannero create Videos not just for your own Business but use the templates and provide video and social media marketing services for other Businesses too.


Just with the front-end access, you will be able to create client accounts and assign them to their specific brand. Clients will have a separate login and will be able to create & schedule videos on their own too.


Plannero is so powerful:

  • Year’s worth of content sorted in minutes
  • Helps Businesses stay consistent on Social Media
  • Helps Businesses improve engagement
  • Builds Trust
  • Gets more Traffic
  • Gets more Leads
  • Gets more Sales
  • Removes the need for multiple tools
  • Saves a lot of time & efforts
  • Major Social Platforms managed from one dashboard
  • Multiple brands can be managed from one Dashboard
  • Ability to collaborate with Team Members and run a Agency Business Effortlessly
  • Client Workflows to seamlessly manage projects


Forget offering any service to anyone. Use Plannero and plan content for all your social networks in minutes and stop paying any Agency or Freelancer for planning and creating your content.

This will easily save you $500-$1000 per month and you will start reaping the benefits of consistent social media posting from the first month itself.


Kick start your Social Media Marketing Agency which is popularly known these days as SMMA. Approach offline Businesses around you and show them the potential of blowing up on Social Media.

Spend a few minutes each month and set up their content calendar and schedule their videos to keep collecting Recurring payments. This is a multi billion dollar Business and is only going to keep increasing.


Position yourself as a Social Media Consultant. Show them where they are lacking in terms of their social media presence and upsell services that will turn their negatives into positives.

Offer consulting services to increase brand awareness, engagement, lead generation, generate traffic to websites and even to increase services. All these can be achieved using Plannero but instead of offering it as a direct service, position as a Subject Matter Expert and become a consultant.


You don’t have to offer all the services that come under Social Media Management. Pick services that you feel comfortable to offer. Become a freelancer and offer services like..

✅ Content Strategy
✅ Content Planning
✅ Content Creation
✅ Content Scheduling
✅ Overall Social Media Management & Performance Monitoring


Don’t want to manage all the tasks by yourself. Just provide a solution to your clients by setting them up with client access and assign their brand that they can manage themselves and keep collecting monthly recurring for using Plannero.


Offer Video services. Just sell short form video services that you can effortlessly create using plannero and the wholesome timeline editor. Download and sell videos for Tiktok , Instagram Reels or even YouTube Shorts on a per video basis.

There are so many other ways that can help you profit using Plannero and I am just scratching the surface here!


Plannero has 1 Front-end & 7 OTOs:




Plannero Commercial – $34 One-time

Create a Social Calendar for 5 Brands
Auto-create fully Branded Videos
Done-For-You Templates on 250+ Calendar events across the globe
Done-For-You Templates for International Events
Huge collection of Done-For-You Trending Videos for non-event days
Create Videos upto 1-minute in length
Create Videos from scratch
Create Landscape, Portrait & Square Videos
Full-blown Timeline Video Editor
Customize elements & Add Animation effects
Millions of searchable Image, Video & Audio Assets
Upload your own Media Library for Images, Videos and Audio
Preview Videos and add to a shortlist
Schedule Videos to be posted on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter & Pinterest
Schedule single or multiple videos
Download & Share Videos anywhere in HD, FHD or even in 4K
1 GB internal storage
SMTP Integrations & cloud storage integrations with Drop box, Amazon S3, Google Drive
Create 365 Videos per Brand (5 X 365)
Commercial Rights
Included Agency Rights to create up to 5 client accounts
Fast Action Bonuses
Plannero Success Training (Value – $997)
The Creator Economy (Value – $197)
Social Media Marketing Made Easy (Value – $247)
Boost your Online Sales (Value – $397)
Power of Social Media Stories for Marketers (Value – $297)

Plannero Unlimited – $97 One-time

Create Unlimited Brands
Create Unlimited Videos
Multiple Template Options for a Single Event
Clone Brand
Save as Template
Custom Font Request
Priority Rendering
Fast Action Bonuses
How to Become an Influencer? (Value – $197)
Content Marketing Formula (Value – $147)
Traffic Handbook (Value – $247)
Special Feature – Branding & Logo Flip Switch Feature (Value – $97)

Plannero Agency – $47 One-time

Ability to create unlimited Client Accounts
Assign Clients to a Specific Brand
Easy to Manage Client Workflows
Custom Branding on Client’s Dashboard
Add Unlimited Team Members
Assign Team Members to Brand
Agency Marketing Kit to sell Social Media Marketing Services
Done-For-You Agency Website
Done-For-You Sales Video
Done-For-You Facebook Ads
Done-For-You Follow-up Email Swipes
Done-For-You Fiverr Gigs
Done-For-You Phone Scripts
Done-For-You Client Presentation
Done-For-You Client Contract
Fast Action Bonuses
High-Ticket Sales Secrets (Value – $597)
Consulting Wizardry (Value – $397)

Plannero Done-For-You Package – $77 One-time

100 Done-For-You Niche-Based Templates
50 Done-For-You Social Media Ad Templates
50 Done-For-You Trending Video Topic Templates
20 Fresh Templates added for the next 12 months
(Combination of Niche-Based, Ads and Trending Topics)
Custom Template Request Option of up to 5 Templates
Unlimited Usage
Commercial Rights
Fast Action Bonuses
300 – DFY Logo Templates (Value – $497)
Things & Stuff Stock Images (Value – $497)
Facebook Ad Secrets (Value – $197)
Instagram Ads Success (Value – $197)
20 Profitable Niches for Content Creation (Value – $97)

Plannero Whitelabel 100 Licenses – $297 One-time

100 Whitelabel Licenses to sell Plannero as your own
Add your own branding
Separate unbranded URL for your customer’s login
1 click to add customer accounts
Manage all clients from one Dashboard
Whitelabel kit with all Marketing Materials
Proven to convert sales copy
Proven to convert sales video script
Proven to work FB Ads
Proven to convert Email Swipes
Launch your own software selling Business
Access to all Tool updates
Full support to your customers
Sell for one-time or recurring
No Overhead or Hidden costs
Keep 100% of the profits
Fast Action Bonus
Sales funnel Optimization Strategies (Value – $497)

Plannero Agency Mastery – $27 One-time

HD video Training
Module 1 – Selling Videos – Basics
Module 2 – How & Where to find your clients?
Module 3 – Getting Repeat Orders
Module 4 – The Miscellaneous
40+ lessons
Cloud-based access
Fast Action Bonus
Deal closing secrets (Value – $497)


Plannero Unlimited – $97 One-time

Plannero Agency – $47 One-time

Plannero Done-For-You Package – $77 One-time

Plannero Whitelabel 100 Licenses – $297 One-time

Plannero Agency Mastery – $27 One-time

Bonus: How to Become an Influencer? (Value – $197)

Bonus: Content Marketing Formula (Value – $147)

Bonus: Traffic Handbook (Value – $247)

Bonus: Special Feature – Branding & Logo Flip Switch Feature (Value – $97)

Bonus: High-Ticket Sales Secrets (Value – $597)

Bonus: Consulting Wizardry (Value – $397)

Bonus: 300 – DFY Logo Templates (Value – $497)

Bonus: 300 – Things & Stuff Stock Images (Value – $497)

Bonus: Facebook Ad Secrets (Value – $197)

Bonus: Instagram Ads Success (Value – $197)

Bonus: 20 Profitable Niches for Content Creation (Value – $97)

Bonus: Sales funnel Optimization Strategies (Value – $497)

Bonus: Deal closing secrets (Value – $497)


Increase your profit potential instantly & Create As many brands and as many Videos as you want with ZERO limits and even unlock some Professional features ONLY for a limited time!

Serve more brands and sell more videos without any limits!

  • Create Unlimited Brands
    Create as many brands as you need without any restrictions.
  • Multiple Template Options for a Single Event
    Choose from a variety of Templates instead of a single Template for a particular event.
  • Save as Template
    Save a Video / Template created inside a brand as a Template that can be used across multiple brands.
  • Create Unlimited Videos
    Under each brand, create not just 365 videos but unlimited videos
  • Clone Brand
    Clone a brand and instantly duplicate all the work created for one client for another client without having to create & customize everything from scratch.
  • Custom Font Request
    Not finding the font you need for your brand inside the app? Share & get it added & use it on your videos.
  • Priority Rendering
    Privilege in the Render Queue over basic users.

Imagine being able to work with 5 Brands every month with Plannero Commercial..

How about you create 100 brands or even 1000 brands and even create Unlimited videos instead of being restricted to creating ONLY 365 videos per Brand..

I know you have amazing potential but are you willing to explore and push yourself a little bit more?

ONLY for today, I am going to give you this opportunity to go Unlimited with Plannero for an insanely low one-time price.

Go Unlimited & Crush all Boundaries with Plannero Unlimited!
Unlimited Brands | Unlimited Videos | Exciting Features

Create Unlimited Brands

If you want to offer Social Media Management Services, we know that you want to be able to create more than just 1 brand or 5 Brands. Want to create 1000 brands and manage it all from 1 dashboard? You can do that with Plannero Unlimited.

And guess what? You get to decide your income potential and take up as many brands as you want. You can create 10, 100, 1000, or even more. There will be no limits to restrict you!

Create Unlimited Videos

With the front-end version, you get to create 365 videos under each brand. What happens when you exhaust the 365 videos? What will happen when you want to render more videos? What will you do for demanding customers who ask for different videos for different social platforms?

That’s why we decided to remove the limitations and let you create unlimited videos under each brand and sell each video you create for profits.

Multiple Template Options for a Single Event

We have over 250+ Templates covering major events across the globe. With the unlimited upgrade, we want to offer you variety. You will need it especially when working with multiple brands. You will have a minimum of 3 (1+2) variations and designs for the same event, so you don’t have to be stuck with a single template for all clients. Impress your clients and collect more profits.

Clone Brand

Clone a brand and instantly duplicate all the work created for one client for another client without having to create & customize everything from scratch. This feature will come in very handy when you have clients from the same or related Niche and you need to copy the work of one client to another and just make simple customizations. It will save you a lot of time & effort.

Save as Template

Save a Video / Template created inside a brand as a Template that can be used across multiple brands. If you have spent time creating a video that you like and want to reuse multiple times, save it as a template and you can access it across brands.

Custom Font Request

Not finding the font you need for your brand inside the app? Share & get it added & use it on your videos.

Priority Rendering

Privilege in the Render Queue over basic users. Unlimited License members will get priority in the rendering queue. Meaning you get your videos rendered faster than regular users.

Bonus #1 How to Become an Influencer? (Value – $197)

We are living in an influencer economy where brands are depending on influencers to sell all types of products. Creating Niche content and becoming an influencer will give you authority and huge income potential.

This is a step-by-step guide to help you become an influencer in your chosen Niche and create your own personal brand.

Bonus #2 Content Marketing Formula (Value – $147)

Content has always been king. But creating content the right way can help you get impressive returns. This special guide will help you learn how Content Marketing Works and how you can use it to your advantage.

Bonus #3 Traffic Handbook (Value – $247)
This is a special guide to help you take advantage of Content Marketing to grow your Traffic. It will help you learn traffic strategies that will grow your social media audience and in turn, get your website and blogs the needed traffic.

Bonus #4 Special Feature – Branding & Logo Flip Switch Feature (Value – $97)

Plannero offers you fully branded videos with your logo, website information, and other details that you provide while you create the brand. But there may be instances where you want to use the videos without the branding. We made it easy for you by providing a flip switch using which you can turn off the branding and logo instead of manually removing the branding and logo in case you don’t want it in your videos. Super handy feature!



Unlock your Ready to Profit Social Media Management Agency with Unlimited Client Management, Client Workflows & Fully Done-For-You Client Getting Marketing Kit

Ready to grab your share from the soon-to-be $51.8 Bn Social Media Marketing Market

  • Ability to create unlimited client Accounts
  • Easy to Manage Client Workflows
  • Custom Branding on Client’s Dashboard
  • Assign Team Members to Brands
  • Done-For-You Sales Video to offer Social Media Marketing Services
  • Done-For-You Client Presentation
  • Done-For-You Email Swipes
  • Assign Clients to Specific Brands
  • Set Restrictions to Client Access
  • Ability to add unlimited Team Members
  • Done-For-You Agency Website
  • Done-For-You Fiverr gigs to sell Social Media Marketing Services
  • Done-For-You Cold Calling Scripts
  • Done-For-You Client Contract

Ability to create unlimited client accounts
We want to help you grow and add as many clients as you want and manage their social media campaigns effortlessly.. With the Agency Upgrade, you will be able to manage unlimited clients and sell your services to anyone you want without any restrictions.

The best part is you will be able to manage all the clients from a single dashboard. Your clients will have a separate login to access their work.

Assign Clients to a Specific Brand

You can assign clients to a specific brand. Your client’s dashboard will have details only related to the particular brand they have been assigned while you will be able to see all the brands at once.

Easy to Manage Client Workflows

You can set access like Edit, Delete and Comment to restrict your Client access.

Edit – Allows your clients to Edit the Videos on their Own
Delete – Allows your clients to Delete campaigns
Comment – Allows you to Comment and submit a design for Approval and the status will be shown as pending and then client can respond with comments or approve the design and the status will change accordingly.

Custom Branding on Client’s Dashboard

Look professional in front of your clients by adding their brand logo as the custom logo for their dashboard. When they login to their dashboard they will be able to see their logo.

Add Unlimited Team Members

When you have a number of clients to manage, you will also need extra hands to manage your Agency. We will also let you add unlimited Team members who can help you manage your client’s campaigns.

Assign Team Members to Brand

You can assign 1 or more team members to a brand and let them handle the work for you. You get to control what the added Team members can do. Very useful when you have multiple clients to deal with and want to delegate work.

Agency Marketing Kit to sell Social Media Marketing Services

A complete Agency Marketing Kit that can be quickly customized and used as per you need aimed at helping you land more clients to offer Social Media Marketing Services.

Done-For-you Agency Website

The first requirement to become an Agency and portray yourself as an authority is to have a website.

Our in-house designers have hand-crafted a professional website that would easily cost you 1000’s of dollars in copywriting and designing if you were to outsource it.

Easily close clients with our professional website and get started right away selling Social Media Marketing and Management Services to individuals & Local Businesses.

Done-For-You Sales Video

We know how important videos are when it comes to selling. We take extreme care to craft our videos. Right from the Video script to making every bit of it engaging. 84% of people watch a video before they buy a product or service. Videos are crucial and having a professionally done Video is super important! Your Agency website is incomplete without a video.

We’ve created a stunning sales video that you can use to sell Social Media Marketing services to your clients. You don’t have to hire any expensive copywriter, video creator and a voiceover artist. We’ve done all the hard work and we’re giving it to you so you can start profiting immediately! And you know when we have done it, it is going to be hyper-engaging and addictive.

Done-For-You Facebook Ads

We’ve got you the website and video. The next thing you need is traffic. We will give you high-quality proven to convert Social Media Ad creatives. You can use these and drive traffic effortlessly to your website and land more clients to offer your Social Media Marketing Services.

Done-For-You Follow up Email Swipes

What’s the next step once you get leads? You need to follow up with them! What better way than to reach them through emails? Our in-house professional Email copywriter has written high-converting follow up swipes that will convert all your leads into customers!

The swipes have the right ingredients that will trigger the receiver to take action in the right direction and help you land more clients to offer Social Media Marketing Services.

Done-For-You Fiverr Gigs

If you want to sell Social Media Marketing Campaigns as a freelancer on Fiverr or Upwork, we’ve still got you covered. As you know it is not easy to stand out in a crowded marketplace. We researched and took inspiration from gigs that have sold well. We have created a high-converting DFY Fiverr gig which you can copy & paste and start getting clients to offer your services using Plannero on these marketplaces!

Done-For-You Phone Scripts

There are 1000s of businesses out there that need help with their Social Media. They may be living just around you. You can quickly look up for businesses in your locality & call them to convert them into leads & sales!

When you have a professionally written sales script you know what to talk about and you can confidently convert them into a prospect & eventually a customer.

Our expert sales team has drafted these cold calling scripts to easily close clients!

Done-For-You Client Presentation

We decided to leave no stone unturned. Want to convert your leads into clients? We’ve got an exclusive sales presentation that will help you showcase the benefits of having a proper Social Media Strategy and posting consistently. Use this presentation to floor your prospects and get them interested to pay you for this service.

Done-For-You Client Contract

We want you to look super professional when selling Social Media Marketing services to businesses. That is why we hand-crafted these contract templates which you can customize and share with your clients to look legit , stay safe while charging more for your services.

Bonus #1 High-Ticket Sales Secrets (Value – $597)

Want to make high-ticket sales consistently?

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you make consistent high-ticket sales by working with the right clients the right way and get maximized results for all your efforts. This will also teach you the power of segmentation and the tactics to be at the right place, talk about the right things and the right time to the right people.

No one can stop you from making High-Ticket Sales when you learn these steps.

Bonus #2 Consulting Wizardry (Value – $397)

Consulting is a Top paying profession where you’ll help business or individuals achieve a specific goal. Just a couple of clients and this will take care of you unlike any other Business. In this we will reveal some proven to work strategies to earn using your own coaching / consulting business. It will even hand hold you to land your first client.



200+ Gorgeous Templates + A classy Club Membership

Instantly Unlock a Done-For-You Template Vault of 200+ Easily Customizable Video Ad Templates, Niche Based Templates and Trending Topic Templates with included commercial rights to sell for Massive profits

Choose | Customize | Publish | Profit

  • 100 DFY Niche Based Templates in 3 Sizes
  • 50 DFY Social Media Ad Templates in 3 Sizes
  • 50 DFY Trending Topic Templates in 3 Sizes
  • Club Membership
  • Custom Template Request
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Commercial Rights

Swipe our Templates, Wow your Clients & Get Instant Results

Succeeding with Plannero is super simple and 100% Newbie Friendly. The tool itself is made in such a way that it will fetch you instant results and it is super easy to create campaigns using the tool.

We have loaded the app with Templates to cater to all 365 days of the year and even provided multiple templates for the same event to have variety..

Can you use Plannero ONLY for Social Media Posting?

Plannero is more than that..

You can use the Videos anywhere you want like your websites, blogs, Ads and so on..

That’s why we went a step further and provided you with short video Templates in 3 massive categories that will help you succeed with Plannero in more ways than you already can..

YES! Our Team took that Extra Leap for you!

We have Created Done-For-You Templates in these 3 categories..

1. DFY Niche Based Templates
2. DFY Social Media Ad Templates
3. DFY Trending Topic Video Template

You can simply choose, customize & Profit!

We have done the heavy lifting for you. Our Expert Design Team has hand crafted each detail of the template by adding relevant elements for different Niches, adding relevant call-to-actions and many different things.

In short, every detail is taken care of.

All you need to do is pick a template that will suit your client’s needs, customize and publish it.

  • Fully optimized for Conversions
  • Extensive Research behind each Template
  • Professionally Designed & Crafted
  • DFY Templates covers all Popular Niches
  • Templates available for running Social Media Ads
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Provides you more avenues to profit using Plannero
  • Gets you faster Results
  • Start profiting Instantly
  • Gets you highly satisfied clients & Repeat Customers
  • Grows your Brand Value
  • Puts you ahead of your competition

100 Done-For-You Niche Based Templates

In this you will have 100 Niche based short video Templates that are suitable for both websites and social media with proper design and details relevant for each Niche..

All these templates will be available in Square, Landscape and Portrait orientation and you can easily choose the one you want..

Take a closer look at some of our Gorgeous looking Niche Based Templates..

100 Done-For-You Niche Based Templates

In this you will have 100 Niche based short video Templates that are suitable for both websites and social media with proper design and details relevant for each Niche..

All these templates will be available in Square, Landscape and Portrait orientation and you can easily choose the one you want..

50 Done-For-You Social Media Ad Templates

In this you will have 50 Social Media Ad Templates that can be used for running Ads for you or your clients. These Ad Templates are inspired by Top performing Social Media Ads and have been fine tuned to get you the best results.

All these templates will be available in Square, Landscape and Portrait orientation and you can choose the one that fits your type of Ad placement.

50 Done-For-You Trending Topic Video Templates

In this you will have 50 Trending Topic Video Templates that are based on hot topics and currently Trending. Even these Templates are available in the 3 popular formats.

Club Membership

We are also giving a club membership that will give you access to 20 fresh Done-For-You Templates every single month for the next 12 months. This will include a combination of Trending Topic Video Templates, Social Media Ad Templates and Niche Based Templates.

That is 240 fresh Templates that you will start getting from next month.

You can also send us your suggestions for Niches or Topics or some sample ads so we can include that in the monthly templates that you will receive.

Custom Template Request Option

We have more for you..

Have a specific need and want it created by us?

Don’t worry. Just write to the support, give your requirement and our expert designers will get to work and provide you with beautiful Templates. You can request up to 5 such Templates.

Unlimited Usage

There is absolutely zero restriction on the usage of these templates. You can use it as many campaigns as you want.

Commercial Rights

Not just unlimited usage. We are also giving you unlimited commercial rights so you can use these templates to quickly customize a campaign for your client. No limits and no restrictions.

Bonus #1 300 – DFY Logo Templates (Value – $497)

Branding is an important part of any Business and Logo goes hand-in-hand with branding. Logo helps brands get noticed in the crowd. How about having a huge collection of professionally designed Logo Templates that you can use for yourself or your clients?

That would be awesome right? Enjoy 300+ professionally designed logo templates that you can use instantly and get noticed effortlessly.

Bonus #2 Things & Stuff Stock Images (Value – $497)

There is always a need for good quality images, especially when you work with clients. From websites, blog posts, social media posts, the need for quality images is indispensable. Using a copyrighted image can get you in trouble. That’s why we have put together a massive collection of Stock Images that can come in handy for you. You can use it for your own work or even for your clients.

Bonus #3 Facebook Ad Secrets (Value – $197)

A full blown training module that will help you learn all the insider secrets of run optimized ads that will generate you quality leads and profits.

Bonus #4 Instagram Ads Success (Value – $197)

Even if you are complete beginner and no nothing but Instagram Advertising, this is a complete guide that will lead you through all that you need to run profitable Ads on Instagram

Bonus #5 20 Profitable Niches for Content Creation (Value – $97)
This is a specially curated list of 20 popular profitable Niches that will give you high returns. You can create engaging content in these Niches and profit effortlessly.


OPTION 1: 50 LICENSE ($197) 
OPTION 2: 100 LICENSE ($297)

Sell Plannero as your OWN to Individuals, Agencies & Businesses & keep 100% of the Profits with our Exclusive Whitelabel Opportunity ONLY for our Founding Members!

10X your profits with just this Upgrade

Founding Member Special | 6-Figure Opportunity | 10X your profits

  • Create accounts & sell the app as your own
  • Separate Whitelabel Panel
  • Add your own branding
  • Unbranded URL for your customer’s login
  • Complete Sales Materials
  • Sales Copy
  • Video Sales Letter
  • Proven to work FB Ads
  • Email Swipes

This is not your Regular Whitelabel Opportunity!

Sell the All-in-One Agency App with 365 Days of Social Media Content & Gorgeous DFY Video Templates that everyone Wants in their Marketing Arsenal!

As a reseller you just become an affiliate to sell the product and make 50% commissions selling the app. In some cases you can create accounts and sell but when people see the name of the app, they would rather get it from the original creator instead of buying it from you..

But we have broken that today..

You get to..

✅ Sell with complete Authority
✅ Add your own branding
✅ Set your price
✅ Keep 100% of the profits
✅ Kick start your own software business without any of the hurdles

But that’s not all..

Plannero is an All-in-One Agency + Social Media Marketing App that every Business needs..

Who doesn’t love to post engaging content on their Social Media that will get them likes, follows, shares, DMs, leads and sales..

Plannero is loaded with Features and Templates that no other app provides..

Want Content for Event Specific Days? – Sorted
Want everyday Content Ideas? – Sorted
Want to Plan even a month’s worth of Content? – Sorted
Want to schedule your content to go on multiple social Networks? – Sorted
Want to offer Social Media Marketing Services to Businesses? – Sorted

That’s why we are offering you the Whitelabel License that will help you sell this as your own.

The demand for Social Media Marketing and related services is increasing everyday..

We want to help you explode your income with this Whitelabel opportunity.

Separate Whitelabel Panel

We will add a whitelabel panel to your account. From here, you can start creating Whitelabel accounts and sell it for profits.

Add your Own Branding

You can add your own logo and your customers will not know the app by the name Plannero because they will not see Plannero anywhere. Instead they will see your logo & branding that you decide to have.

Unbranded URL

Your customers will login on an unbranded URL and will not see Plannero anywhere. You can even cName map this to your domain.

Proven to convert sales copy

We’ll give the sales copy of our app Plannero which can be modified and used. We’ve paid a 6-figure copywriter, 1000s of dollars to get this sales materials done. You can use it right royally.

Proven to convert sales video script

We’ll give you the Video Script of our Plannero. You can use this script to create your own Video effortlessly. We’ve spent thousands of dollars in creating this video script. We’ll also give you our fully done Videos which you can edit and use if needed.

Proven to sell FB Ads

We’ll share with you the Ad copies & design of the Ads that we used during our launch. You can use the same Ads to get traffic or retarget the visitors who came to your sales page.

Proven to convert Email Swipes

We will also provide you with proven to convert Email swipes that were used during the launch of the app by us and our affiliates.

We’ve got you everything you will ever need!

A super duper App that everyone will LOVE + All Marketing Materials to sell it!

Do not miss this opportunity as this is never coming back again!

Bonus Sales funnel Optimization Strategies (Value – $497)

Sales Funnels are crucial for Profitability of any product that is being sold online. This is an extensive guide that will help you learn everything you need to know about sales funnels and how you can optimize your Sales funnel for Maximum profits.


Get instant access to our AGENCY SUCCESS FORMULA

Insider strategies to run a successful Agency using our “Secret” Agency Success Formula!

Go from being just Another Agency to an extraordinary Agency

Unlock 4 Part Training Module + Exclusive Bonuses
For an extremely low one-time price!

To put an end to the struggle our customers face, we decided to share what we’ve learnt the hard way over the years..

YES! We decided to share our success formula and our insider strategies with you today..

See.. We have been creating videos even before videos became a must-do thing..We have created videos for our own products, our partners and even for clients for over a decade now..In fact, we have even created a ton of Video tools ourselves and sold them for millions of dollars!

So we have been through the struggle ourselves and we precisely know all the obstacles you will have to deal with

This is our secret success formula that we have arrived at by spending 10s of 1000s of dollars in learning through our mistakes and hours & hours of trial & errors!

We made mistakes.. But we don’t want you to..

YES! We are going to share with you the exact ingredients that will help you become a successful Agency and keep adding high-paying clients..

Agency Mastery is going to pull back the curtain, and show you exactly how to succeed as an Agency, more specifically as someone who sells videos. I bet you wouldn’t have seen these techniques elsewhere..

We have divided this into 4 modules and you will learn everything about running a successful Agency!

We have never released these insider strategies before and today we’ve put your success before ours!

This is the difference between you being an ordinary agency or the Agency that every business wants to work with

Module 1 – Selling Videos Basics!

In this module we have multiple video lessons that will teach you all the basic things you should follow to sell videos..

We’ll cover everything from having a landing page to sealing the deal..

This will cover all the simple but really important things that you need to do when selling videos. These are commonly ignored by most agencies but if you follow them all it will make a huge difference.

Have a landing page

Why your Prospects need Videos? – Establish!

Displaying your portfolio

Importance of customer reviews

Understanding your client’s Goal & Targets

Who is your client’s audience?

Asking the right questions

Choose a win-win pricing

Module 2 – How & Where to Find Clients?

The success of an Agency depends on the number of clients it has. This is exactly where most agencies crumble. They don’t know where & how to find clients to offer their services. They may have the best of tools to provide these services but without clients it is all waste..

In this module you will learn how to drive traffic to your landing pages and we’ll also show you multiple proven ways to reach your prospects.

You have an awesome service to offer using Plannero which is Social Media Marketing and content in the form of Videos.

Infact, this is the most crucial part of the success formula you’re getting today with this upgrade.

Using Ads to drive traffic to your landing pages
Start your own YouTube Channel & promote your content
Be present on multiple social networks (FB, Insta, LinkedIn, Pinterest)
Find your clients on Facebook Groups
How To Use Our Secret “Cold Retargeting” To Generate Interest In Buyer Audiences When Other Angles Have Failed.
The One “Angle” To Take With Testimonials To Anchor Them To Real Results, And Stand Out As The Trusted Expert.
The Simple ‘FB Live’ Strategy That Generated $20,000 In 60 Days (the client had never done FB live before)
The ‘3 Perspective’ Hack To Easily Speak To Any Audience, So You Are Instantly Relatable.
Build A “Bullet Proof” Plan From The Start, And Outsource With Even More Success.
One Secret We Use To Increase Conversions In Any Offer In Less Than An Hour.
Why Your Support Desk Could Offer You Some Of Your Best Marketing Angles.
One “Webinar Replay” Retargeting Ad Copy – That We’ve Used For Years.
The “1-2-3 Content Foundation” That You Can Use To Create Content In A Day.

Multiple Template Options for a Single Event

We have over 250+ Templates covering major events across the globe. With the unlimited upgrade, we want to offer you variety. You will need it specially when working with multiple brands. You will have a minimum of 3 (1+2) variations and designs for the same event, so you don’t have to be stuck with a single template for all clients. Impress your clients and collect more profits.

Module 3 – Getting Repeat Orders

In this module, we are going to show you how to get more revenue from the same customers with “add on” services.

Acquiring customers is difficult.. Once Acquired you need to maximize your return from that customer…

Here is a fun fact…

A meagre 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%

So, we are going to share everything with you from how to understand your customers’ lifetime value to how to upsell them more services.

This is huge. This is exactly how we get more repeat orders in our business from existing customers, and effortlessly increase our profits.

All you have to do is copy what we did and get similar kind of results!

Understanding Lifetime Customer Value
Use Surveys to collect Feedback
Send personalized offers
Take an interest in their business on a personal level
Give priority to customer service
Initiate loyalty programs
Make your offers, Add-ons, and upsells a No-brainer
Offer Payment options

Module 4 – The Miscellaneous

Here we have an assortment of Topics..

We will teach you: how to analyze your competitors, how to script videos, how to take full advantage of some really cool online resources, and so much more!

We even have a few lessons on basic videography.

This module will equip you in ways you have never imagined, and give you a huge advantage over other agencies..

Keeping up with the latest trends
Analyzing your competitors
Basics of Shooting Videos (Rule of Thirds, Lighting)
Top Video Production Tips (Tools, Camera set up)
Scripting a Video
Designing a killer Thumbnail (free thumbnails on Canva demo)
Free tools & resources to amplify your results
Using Stock Videos to your Advantage
Making the first 8-10 seconds count
Importance of Captioning
Optimizing Videos for Search
Importance of Call to Action

Bonus Deal closing secrets (Value – $497)

A detailed Video Training that will help you learn the art of closing a deal. If you are an online marketer and want to close a deal online or offline, this is for you to close more deals, land more clients without having to sell hard.


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