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Plannero OTO Links Above –  What is Plannero ?

It is an All-in-One Agency App that will aid you in the development of captivating video content by providing you with Video Templates that are ready to use in their entirety, have a lovely appearance, and can be totally customized by you. It gives templates that cover the significant events that are happening all around the world, and it also provides a big number of ideas for material that may be used on a daily basis. By utilizing Plannero, it is possible to have content published on each of the 365 days that make up a year. In addition to that, it provides you with the capability of planning content across the five most important social sites. Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin are all examples of social networking websites. It is a full-fledged Agency App that allows you the opportunity to manage a number of brands at the same time while also providing services to a number of different clients. Because there is such a large number of additional functions packed into this application, practically everyone will almost immediately demand to have it. In a nutshell, it is an instrument that no Social Media Management Agency can function without!

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Product Overview

Plannero OTOs Details – All OTOs’ Links Above

Unlimited Access to the OTO4 Software

If you purchase this Upgrade, you will be able to use Plannero to create an unlimited number of films. And in addition to that. With this upgrade, you not only have the power to create an endless number of brands, but it also comes packed with a ton of add-on features such as the capability to clone a brand, the capacity to save a brand as a template, priority rendering, and a lot of other useful tools.

This is the OTO2 Agency Edition.

With this upgrade, among other perks, you will be able to have a limitless number of customers and members of your team working for your agency. Clients and team members may be allocated to certain brands, and each client can have their own access level and dashboard branding. You are able to construct comprehensive work processes by submitting your work for client inspection, getting feedback from clients, and earning approvals and clearance all inside the app itself. The firm Upgrade provides you with everything you need to successfully create and operate a social media marketing video firm, including a website, a sales video, Fiverr gigs, a client presentation, cold calling scripts, follow-up swipes, and more. This includes everything from the website to the sales video.

The Do-It-Yourself Package Edition of the OTO3 Template Club

This upgrade grants you access to a collection of niche-based templates, a trending video template collection, and advertising video templates for social media, all of which come with full commercial rights. In addition, you will become a member of a club that will provide you access to twenty brand new templates each month for a whole year after you make your purchase. Additionally, you have the option of requesting up to five additional templates.

OTO4 White Label Edition with 100 Available Licenses

This is a huge enhancement that enables you to rebrand Plannero as your own and gives you more control over its appearance. Your clients have the ability to produce 365 videos for each of their 5 brands. Your customers will have access to a specialized, non-branded URL as well as your very own white-label control panel when they log in. You will have everything you need to begin selling Plannero licenses under your own brand, including sales text, a video sales letter, ad copy, and email swipes, which are all included in the package that you purchase.

OTO5’s Mastery Edition for Agencies

In this session of the Video business Training course, you will learn how to utilize Plannero to successfully manage a video marketing business focused on social media. Everything from pricing strategies and proposals to acquiring high-value customers and retaining their business is covered in this conversation.

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Plannero OTO Links Above

Video review for Front End only Plannero

Plannero   – Text From This Video

[, Music]: what’s up, everybody, and welcome back to my channel today in this short video, I’m going to be showing you, I’m going to be reviewing this newly launch, cloud-based app, which is called uh plannero, and I will walk you through the dashboard of this product and I will let you know how this product works and how you can get benefit from using this product, but before we go make sure to subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell icon so that you can get notification of So, let’s get started. What is a planar planaro, in its most basic form, is an app for running social media management agencies in the cloud. In addition, this software can produce films that are interesting to watch. Video content enables the scheduling months in advance of a month’s worth of material and the auto posting of that video on leading social media Networks, all while enabling you to entirely step away from the process. This man claims that it’s free, but if you let me, I’ll guide you through everything from the dashboard. I will explain all of the functions and how this system operates to you. So, let me tell you about the first area that we have, which is called “total Brands,” and it appears when we log into the dashboard. We have the total number of downloads, as well as the number of videos that have been generated, and the information about storage. If you scroll down, you’ll see that we have. The next part will discuss the actual material. Ideas that function in a similar way to templates, such as those used in Canva. Therefore, these are essentially pre-made versions of the template. In order to generate content for our brand, we can make use of this template to build a collection of social media posts. Let’s pretend for the sake of argument that we do have a recipe for success. There are moments when we require uh.

Plannero Local OTO

For the sake of our brand recognition, we really require a social as well as a motivating core. Therefore, we can make use of this template, and similarly to other rehabilitation join the dots, connect the dots, and then we will have Smiles Investments, followed by other. You can use these, which are basically pre-made templates, to produce content for your company to publish on social media, and if you scroll down to the following part, which is about analytics right now, you’ll see that you also have access to that. At the present, we do not have a significant amount of brand creation underway. Videos that are innovative; nevertheless, at the present time, we do not have anything like Analytics. Now let me proceed to the top, where I am currently located. My “brand” is the name of one of the sections on this site. Let me click on this section, my brand, and here I already have one brand, but let me create a new brand. So we are going to create a new brand by clicking on the add new brand button, and a pop-up window will appear in front of you. Here you have to put your uh brand information, like I’m going to type expert, mentor, and tour, and here you can give a tagline for your brand, like social media influencer or you can type any whatever you want influence Whatever it is that you have, in order for you to be able to pitch any line here and piece line. Actually, you have editing capabilities for each of them, and you may select both your nation and your time zone. There is no option to visit New York here. You may submit your own logo here, but I’m not going to do it. First, let me see what others have done, then I’ll tell you to go with why. It might take a little while, and you can enter your email like admin ate like my email is uh expert Mentor 96 at the, so you can always write your address as being downtown, for example, Road, New York City so and then click on next mobile number is. Required this is what I have I’m not going to put mine over here, but eight number generator just remember so here we have a phone number and then I’m going to come back to this area………………… I’m going to write down my phone number right here. Wait.

Plannero OTOs Linka

Is it supposed to be pasted here, uh 765-983 [, Music,], 7, [, Music,], 65983, six, seven, six, five, six, seven, six!? Five! A brand logo is essential, if you don’t mind. Please allow me to return so that I may submit the brand logo. I’m going to click on the next button, and once you’re there, you’ll be able to enter the handles of your various social media accounts, such as expert mentor and other social media. Then you can click, add, and fill up all of your social media accounts, as well as make events and videos. Now, let’s examine what took occurred, which undoubtedly will take some time. You can see that we already have a lot of events and ideas for videos here, as you can see below. It indicates that we are already in possession of pre-made templates for pre-medical care. You can see uh. I have approximately 40, 30, and three plus pages, so let me uh uh uh, but but I click before I click. I have around 40, 30, and three plus pages. Permit me to show you another page here called Calendar Events, where you can see things like what we have coming up in April. We are able to keep the planet healthy, and there is no limit to the number of times you may modify the this month. Depending on what you require, and on the 7th of April, we have a favorable Friday and Sunday. There is Easter, and then there is uh. On Monday, April 10, we will enjoy a holiday similar to Easter Monday.

Plannero OTO AIUpsell

So, as you can see, we have a calendar, and if you click on calendar events, you’ll notice that we have a number of things that are going on right now, so you can check those out. You can click and modify the month if you would want to make a modification to the current month. Therefore, using this app will allow you to view the activities that will be taking place in the following month, namely the following month. This tool will show you the product templates and events that are coming up in May, which is why we have moved on to the next part, which discusses everyday content ideas. As you can see, we have a great deal of material in the form of ideas for everyday content. You have the option of selecting any template, including pre-made templates, and modifying them to meet the specifications of your project. Consequently, by way of illustration, let’s imagine that we go with this model and invest in what you already know. So, let’s say this: if we pick this, and we just don’t want to click on this, and we want to add this to a short list, then let’s say we choose this. Therefore, this is one of the templates that made the cut. As you can see, it is mentioned below the shortlisted videos, so let’s go on to the next one. If we like anybody other or love what you do so, for instance, let’s say all famous individuals or Steve Jobs, um, let me click on any other investment, as an example. Knowledge and pick one always have a grin on their face; so, let’s pretend that we do this one or two, and then we proceed to the top of the shortlist; as you can see, I already have a shortlist template. So, let’s use this template, and I’m going to go ahead and click on the customize it button, which will bring up a brand new customizer for us to use. Therefore, the editor has a truly stunning appearance and is of high quality. Therefore, if you are satisfied with this template size or if you can go with this landscape or depict it, then I have no problem with it. After that, I’m going to apply the changes by clicking the button, and then we’ll look at what needs to be changed. Wow, this is a really nice looking editor that we have here.

OTO Bonuses for the Plannero

Therefore, the loading of the template could take a little bit of time. So allow me to guide you through the options on this menu. You are welcome to contribute your own movies at any time; in other words, you are able to submit your own videos on to this platform, which features a video area that looks rather great. You have the option of adding videos from the library, searching for videos from this page, and adding the results to this template. The photographs that you can view can be found in the following tab. You may add your own photographs to this collection that is being used as a template, or you can use images from Pizza Bay or Texas. Let me for demonstration purpose. Let me uh coin. Let me add some coin Type picture coin. Allow me to look for it and allow me to check if we have any so here we have, you can see the Bitcoin kind, so I’m just going to click on this so that you can always click uh in this image. Because you can always upload photos from picture Bay or Packers, or you can submit your own image, this was merely for demonstrating the use of the feature. I’M gon na simply erase it. Therefore, in the next part, we will be able to enter some text such as, for instance, uh. You can always make it bold and underline, and you can play about with these things, and you can always change the font size, and let me change the color, and let me see if I can change the color, or this is it. You have your text here, and you have the option to always make it bold and underline. You can always alter this color, and the backdrop can always be changed; the aim of this example was only to show you that you had those options. Color, such as I’m going to make the background a different color.

An Overview of the Plannero OTO Product

You have complete control over the color used for the backdrop here. Okay, let me just scroll down this page. You can always add padding like 20 from Top like 20 from right, and you can always opacity to bottom and add padding from bottom 20, and you can experiment with these other possibilities. If we have more alternatives for padding, you can always add padding like 20 from Top like 20 from right. And now I’ll go to the following area, which is referred to as the assets. You may always add some assets here, such as arrows, abstract forms, basic shapes, or Christmas moments. For instance, I’m going to upload some basic shapes right now. Let’s say: I’m going to put this chart to this picture, and you can play around with or with all of the other things, so you can always make it appear different in terms of opacity rotation, and you can play around with this thing in a variety of ways. You are able to include your own music in this sort of record or template, and let me now go on to the following portion, which is referred to as music. Everyone has the ability to record their own music or upload music from their personal computer or mobile device. Please excuse me while I walk to the library, and feel free to add these, well, templates. You have the option to play or see a preview. You can listen to a sample of this song first, and then, if you’ve completed all of these steps, you can click on. Um, sorry about that. You have to click this layer button, and if you don’t want any of this object, you can always delete it by saying something like, for instance, I’m going to don’t want this text. If you don’t want any of this object, you can always remove it. You always have the option to erase this choice and simply move up or down the list. You have access to all of the elements, and once you feel comfortable with this template, you may preview this one. Once you have determined that this is the correct total, you may click the “Save changes” button and then click the “continue” button.

Review of Plannero OTO, as well as Other Reviews of Plannero OTO

You always have the option to engage in other activities. Everything will be located under your Brands, and if you return to the main section, you’ll find that I have this particular brand listed here. You can always schedule the pools, and let me schedule the post to see if I can schedule the post, and let me amend this Merry Christmas, [, Music,] and you can see if I can schedule the post and let me schedule the post to see if I can schedule the post. I have the ability to modify this template to meet my requirements, and you have the ability to preview this template; if you find that it meets your needs, you are free to proceed; but, I will not waste your time in doing so. Now, let me set the timing for the video. If I have so that you can, under this area you can schedule the video from here by you need to return back and simply scroll down scroll down, and here you will find the option to schedule the video. If I have so that you can. I haven’t been able to view it since I haven’t entirely customized the material, nor have I customized the content while also making the necessary adjustments. So that’s why it isn’t giving me the option to schedule the post, right? Okay! So let me go back to the part that has my downloads. These films, which you have generated, are available for download, but I’ve just included them here for illustrative purposes. I did not produce any videos at all. Please excuse me while I return to the media library. You are able to view all of the photographs and videos that we utilize in our work. The essential component is the agency, which may be found on the agency tab. You can always add agency users and provide them access to this app by entering their first name, last name, email address, and their company’s brand name. In addition, you can always establish the password, and you can also send an email to them asking for their login information and informing them about how to use the app. The final step, although certainly not the least important, is changing your password for the cloud storage service. To do this, head to the settings page. You have the option of connecting to either your Google or Dropbox account, as well as your Amazon account. Amazon claims that it is free, and that you can configure your SM TV settings online. However, it is unclear whether or not customers can view their settings. What are your current plans, so this was the demo of uh, so you can play about with these things, and you can utilize these pre-made gorgeous templates according to your needs, but what are your current plans? I really appreciate all of you watching guys, and I hope you enjoy this video. If you do enjoy this video, please subscribe to my channel and click the bell symbol so that you can be notified when I upload new videos. Thank you for watching guys, and I’ll see you in the next one. I am grateful.

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