How To Plan Weekend Camping with Your New SUV

Camping trips can be brilliant experiences with a lot of fun and adventure mixed in a package. Many of you who have a penchant for exploring the wilderness and getting close to nature have seen camping as a way to fulfill these desires. But sometimes, sleeping in a tent out in the backcountry seems too much of a hassle. Finding a spot and then setting up the nightly abode is a time taking process. Together with the hardness of the ground and the extreme weather that you are likely to experience, camping is not the most comfortable experience that you shall have.

But you can solve this problem by choosing to go car camping. It is easy and a lot more comfortable than regular camping. While affording all the advantages of the outdoors and nature you get from camping, you also get the comfort of sleeping on a bed. If you are a novice in this world, here is how you should plan your weekend camping trip.

1. Prepare Your Car for the Ride Ahead

Car camping typically starts with a road trip that steers away from a concrete path into the wilderness. It is always a good idea to check how your tires are holding up and whether they need a quick revamp before leaving. A little preparation goes a long way for camping like this.  

Sleeping in your SUV needs a few adjustments, and you will, in all likelihood, need to purchase some gear to make it possible. Make sure your measurements are accurate. Too small or too large sleeping equipment can make you wish you just slept in a tent.

If you are looking at a more extended camping trip, then you will need to carry a significant number of things in your car. This will need to be removed from the inside when you want to sleep at night. To avoid any issues of storage, it is a good idea to get a roof rack. The Defender roof rack for your new land rover can carry up to 132 kilograms in load capacity. It increases your luggage capacity significantly.

2. Picking a Campsite

Depending on the place you want to visit, you will need to look into campsite reservations beforehand. Parking a car in the wilderness can be tricky. Specific campsites serve customers on a first-come, first-serve basis. But the more popular ones usually open for reservation sometime before the camp opens for the season. It is best practice to check out the type of system your preferred site is running.

While this was talking about paid campsites, there is also parking on dispersed land sites. This is usually public land where you can just pick a spot and park for free. In these situations, make sure you have the appropriate permits. Packing for dispersed campsites looks slightly different, mainly because you do not get amenities like running taps or bathroom cubicles on the site. The chances of being closer to nature are much higher with this site’s style.

3. Packing for Car Camping Trips

The best way to pack for any camping trip is to have a checklist with everything you need and go over it repeatedly. Think about everything you shall need while camping because once on-site, you no longer have the option to get something new. The three broader categories of stuff are camping gear, food and water supplies, and first aid. Take enough medicines of all kinds, mainly if you consume any daily. Non-perishable foods and dry foods are compulsory. Camping lanterns are always necessary.

Once you divide your list and chalk out all the details, you will need to test all the required equipment before leaving. There is nothing worse than thinking you are prepared only for your gear to fail. The other thing to keep in mind is to bring power battery backups for everything possible. It ensures you are against one failing battery and does not sabotage your trip.

Take a lot of trash bags into your car to pack all the waste before leaving the site. Do not forget the firewoods and lighter to put on fire. Before that, know all the regulations of the site regarding that. Blankets always come in handy, especially at night, to give you the extra comfort of sleeping.

4. Some More Tips to Remember

Here are a few more things to keep in mind while planning car camping:

  • A folding camping table is a must for setting the kitchen or other things.
  • Take a tarp and set it using bungee cords over the SUV to protect it from rain or harsh sunlight. Also, this will create an extra sitting area outside the car.
  • Camping chairs are a must depending on the number of members.
  • Never forget to carry the toiletries in large amounts as you never know what situation you will face.
  • Podcasts, good music, some storybooks, and toys (for the kids, if any) are a must to have a gala time.

The Bottom Line

Camping is cathartic for some and therapeutic for others. For some, it is all just good fun. No matter what you get out of camping and why you choose to do it, doing it right is the only thing that matters. We all want to make the best out of our trip. But it is crucial to understand how our actions impact the outdoors. Once that understanding and awareness exist, there is a respect we form for nature. That is the true essence of camping.