How to plan the best Content Writing Strategy to drive more sales on Facebook?

When it comes to Facebook, you will have to work a bit more. After all, it’s one of the most used social media platforms, and people engage with it on a daily basis. It’s one of the most widely used sites wherein people access and use it to share and gather information of different kinds. Facebook, is undoubtedly one of the most popular sites and therefore the potential that it has also increased and widened. If you engineer content accordingly, you can definitely make the most out of it. A lot of brands and businesses collaborate with Facebook and use it for reaching a wider audience and creating brand awareness in the online market. It’s important that you curate your content writing strategy that makes you stand out in the crowd. The digital world, especially Facebook witnesses a lot of new brands and businesses infiltrating its world; therefore, to outline the others, you need to come up with a useful content writing strategy for your site. Some of the tips as to how and where to begin from are listed down below:


  1. Identify your goal – Before writing any kind of content for your Facebook page, it’s extremely important that you think through it. It’s extremely important that you set a goal, a target to achieve. Since you want to drive more sales for your Facebook page, it’s extremely important that you analyze how many more sales you want, what are the ways to achieve so and what kind of changes you need to bring in your content that will take you to your goal. Create a flowchart or something that gets you motivated and keeps you on track. It’s important that you keep track of your current sales and understand where you are lagging behind. Once you have identified these
    problems and solutions, only then begin writing content for your page.

  2. Understand your audience – buyers are the choosers, right? So, it’s important that you determine your audience, its behavioural patterns, demographics and each and every detail because only then, you will be able to curate content that caters to your needs. If people relate to your content and its techniques, only then will they subscribe to your page? There are two business features on Facebook that you must use to understand the psyche of your users. The first one is the ‘’Page insights’’ that will guide you regarding the number of likes, comments on your different posts. This will help you in bridging the gap between your content and the audience’s demand because you will get to know you’re which posts did better than the others. The really important feature that you must employ is the audience’s insights; this will help you in understanding the engagement pattern of your viewers. Little details like people of what age group, gender, location, class access your content.

  3. Consistency is your best friend – Well, this is perhaps the most difficult thing to pull off because often people startup with a lot of motivation but end up not posting regularly. There is massive competition when it comes to a social media platform like Facebook. Therefore, it’s really important that you come up with engaging and informative content on a regular basis. By doing so, you will come off this credible and reliable source of information for all your viewers. Many of the users on the digital media platforms also look for time-relevant topics as social media as a platform creates space for dialogue and conversations. Thus, it’s extremely important that you post frequently so that you can create a reliable brand image.

  4. How many people? – One of the most important steps that will help you in the content writing strategy for Facebook. You need to think about some of the important questions, are you a sole runner of the page or will you be hiring a complete team for engineering content for a social media platform like Facebook. The kind of work and the technique that you will use, changes accordingly. However, if your budget allows so, it’s better that you hire a team of people who will be working on the content creation for your social media pages. It’s quite beneficial from outsourcing writers, freelancers for this job because they will be well-versed with the ongoing trends, proper keywords for SEO, etc. You can allocate different jobs to people and you are good to go!

  5. Divide time – It is because posting regularly matters, it’s important that you spend time when writing content for your Facebook page. It’s best to schedule a period of time that suits your working hours and your team members. It’s important that you utilize time efficiently because well-researched articles are what you need and for that, you need to invest time on a regular basis. On some days when you are short on time, you can compensate for the longish content with video tours, webinars, etc. there are a lot of ways that you can use to use your time efficiently. You will also have to schedule your days and posts accordingly.

  6. Create a brand voice – Once you are done with the planning, it’s important that you head on to create a brand out of your page. Branding is an essential part of your business; you will have to create a certain way to humanize your idea for others. You can do so by creating a brand voice that is reflected in your content. Think about the idea that you want to send across your viewers; it’s important that you create content accordingly. You can have ten different writers working for your page but it’s important that all of them align with your brand’s voice. Proofread the content before uploading them; it should not contradict but unify the entire brand’s image.

  7. Focus on your content’s design – Design is not just about colours and font size. Sometimes a particular phrase or tag line becomes the identity for that brand. Thus, when it comes to content writing strategies, it’s extremely important that you come up with a tagline that is eye-catchy and also reflects your brand’s voice. Apart from the taglines, bios on Facebook, it’s also important that you design your content in a way that separates you from your competitors. It could be anything from certain words, hashtags, and colours, anything that reminds people of your brand.

  8. Create engaging content – Nothing and no one beats some genuine, authentic content. It’s important that you invest in and come up with some genuine content that is relevant, informative and creative as well. You can use various mediums from blogs, written articles to videos, webinars, logos and what not! You can also incorporate interactive media and come up with interesting ways to engage in your customers.

Well, you are all set in, to begin with, your content writing strategy for Facebook. There is no holy grail especially reserved for Facebook. However, it is important that you curate content that is engineered according to the social media platform you are publishing it on. Unlike Instagram, Facebook is not photograph or video-centric, it’s important that you curate content accordingly. The idea is to wait, think and then delve into it! These tips will help you make an informed decision.


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