Places You Can Visit In Zurich On Your Swiss Vacation

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. Apart from the Europe’s financial and industrial hub, the city is also an enticing place for the tourists. From ancient buildings, art museums, and churches to the natural parks and entertainment-filled clubs, the city has all the things to make your days unforgettable. The city’s tradition of revolutionary and liberal thinking has allured several towering figures including Thomas Mann and the Vladimir Lenin.

The magical city of Zurich is located between the wooded hills of east and west.  The true character and beauty of Zurich is manifested everywhere in the city. Europeans prefer spending their vacations here because of the finest towns and the quirky shopping malls. If you are also planning to spend your next summer vacations in Zurich, it is high time you book the Qatar Airways Online Flights in advance.

1.     Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich is not only an appropriate playground for the tourists, but is also the focal point of the entire city. The shore of lake is dotted with lively parks, where tourists can lavishly enjoy the picnic. The best way to experience the joy of this lake is getting on one of the cruises to witness the attractive surroundings. Burkliplatz is the primary point where the Limmat speedily flows from the lake. Zurichhorn Park is a nearby recreation spot where you will find gardens, restaurants, and the National Museum. It is believed that if a person wants to experience the utmost beauty of Switzerland, he should head straight here without thinking.

2.     Lidenhof

Lidenhof is a quite place where the Romans had erected their protected settlements to prevent the migration from the North. Five centuries after construction of settlements, the grandson of the king built a luxury palace here as a royal residence. But now, all the ancient structures have disappeared, and you can only see the remains of the buildings. This site is primarily used for the landmark ceremonies, including various oath taking and constitutional ceremonies. Currently, Lidenhof is basically a serene park with lots of benches and chess players. You will also notice various tourists here enjoying the mesmerizing views across the Old Town.

3.     Uetliberge

It is considered the Zurich very own natural mountain from where tourists can have breathtaking views of the lake and the Swiss Alps. It is located at height of 2,850 feet above the sea level. When tourists want to experience the natural ambience of the city, they come here. The summit is flooded in November because the blanket fog covers it at this time of year. In the months of December and January, the hiking path to the summit is transformed into sledding runs. You can acquire Cheap Flights Tickets to Zurich if you prefer booking them in advance.

4.     Fraumünster Churche

Fraumunster Churche means Women’s Church in English. It basically symbolizes the discovery of an abbey in 853 by the Emperor Ludwig. It is believed that the church was being used by the aristocratic women of Europe. They would come here to pray and show gratitude. It’s beautiful pillars and attractive aisles have the ability to impress anyone regardless of their faith. In 1970, the glossy stained glass windows were added that surged the magnificence of the church. Though you can visit the church at any time of the day, coming here at night will enable you to explore its grandeur in the backdrop of moonlight.

5.     Rietberg Museum

This museum has been designed on the pattern of Villa Albani in Rome. The museum has outstanding collections of acclaimed artists including Eduart von det Heydt. The museum was built in 1857 for the purpose of hosting the intellectuals of city. Amazingly, it is the country’s only museum where there is no European art. It houses the artifacts of India, China, Rome, and the Asia. The pictures of various temples and the bronzes are the primary reason why people live visiting this museum. The mars, carvings, and sculptures here have been manicured with great care.

6.     Bahnhofstrasse

If you are a shopping lover, you can find everything at Bahnhofstrasse. From clothes, fashion items, and groceries to the jewelry and furniture, the place is known for offering all kinds of stuff. The shopping mall was created after the development of the city Main Railway Station. This boulevard now connects the Main Railway Station with the Lake Zurich. The mall is dotted with various types of boutiques, department stores, and brand outlets. In addition, there are also lots of eating spots where you can ward off your exhaustion and taste delicious meals.


Zurich is a city that blends the modernity with the natural ambience. Visitors who come here often say that they have never seen something like that in their lives. So, if you also want to get lost in the relentless beauty of Zurich, visit to get your task accomplished.