Places must explore on a yacht charter in Dubai

Never miss the opportunity to visit Dubai. It’s a lifetime chance to praise the amazing architecture, the land of luxury and beauty. Many travelers from all around the world visit Dubai every year to have a great yacht rental Dubai experience. However, the beauty of Bluewater tides, awesome weather, and clear water are a perfect combo for travelers.

There are a lot of fun options onboard that you will never forget. The onboard atmosphere is perfect which makes the sailing experience good even in day timings. While chartering, you can explore many beautiful places without getting stuck in heavy traffic. Therefore, mark the things in the list of what you can see.

Following are some places that you can explore onboard:

 The beauty of Dubai marina 

Dubai marina, the man-made city is worth visit place in Dubai. The luxuries and the fashion make you mesmerized and speechless. The high-rise buildings and the amazing restaurant’s built-in style make your tour memorable. This place looks extraordinary at night when the city gets lit up and the skyline also seems to glow like a firefly.

Exclusive marina mall 

Marina mall is one of the amazing malls of Dubai that offers different brands, cinemas, and entertainment stuff under one roof. You can have whatever you want, no stuff to get bored of. Hence, get amazed by the beautiful architecture of Dubai mall from the yacht.

Twisting Cayan tower 

How can anyone skip the Cayan tower from the places to explore from the yacht? The amazing thing about the tower is that it’s slightly twisted against the below story. You can have the all 90-degree view of the twist from the yacht charter.

Dubai Eye, Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel 

Dubai eye now known as Ain Dubai is the largest observing wheel at the Bluewater Island which offers a view of while Dubai from about 250 m height. No doubt other countries also had such an amazing thing but no one can beat the level of the Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel. Enjoy the sightseeing view of Dubai eye also from the yacht.

Amazing Burj Al-Arab 

Enjoy the luxurious protocol at the 7-star hotel and the sophisticated style of living. Experience the best spa treatment, amazing food, and privacy as well. You can also find some entertainment stuff for the kids at the place. Spend the best time of your life at the hotel in a different style. You can have a view of this beautiful gem from the yacht while cruising.

Luxurious Madinat Jumeirah 

Madinat Jumeirah is one of the famous attractions of Dubai that no one should miss. Experience the feel of a traditional village and the souks with a beautiful waterfront. There are different hotels and villas in the spacious place. Get the real experience of Arab style and praise the structure of Madinat Jumeirah.

Explore the Atlantis the palm

If you want to get to a luxurious resort then Atlantis, the palm is your destination. The resort covers several acres including amazing underwater rooms. While cruising has a look at the architecture and the beauty of Atlantis, the palm. You can take pictures by stopping near the wonder on the yacht.

The distinctive island of Bluewater

Bluewater island is known as the paradise for the shop a holics. It is artificial but full of entertainment stuff. You can get the perfect hospitality and amusing eye-catching statues of famous stars made of wax. This place is attractive because of the beautiful scenic views and the largest Ferris wheel. Hence get yourself the thrill of an island tour as well from the yacht.

Breathtaking views of Palm Jumeirah Island 

When you are on a yacht then head towards the palm of Jumeirah Island. Enjoy the breathtaking views of an artificial island. One of the amazing things about Palm Jumeirah Island is that it has a series of man-made archipelagos. This area had different five-star hotels for the tourist’s entertainment. Therefore, indulge in the beauty of picture square place.

Have a look at Jumeirah Beach Residency

The perfect tourist place is Dubai is Jumeirah Beach residency (JBR). There are a lot of restaurants, and cafes for the entertainment of the guests so that they can have the best time here. Take the ride to the luxurious beach water. Enjoy the cool weather and scenic views of JBR. Moreover, you can enjoy the amazing nightlife experience also.