Pivaloyl Chloride Market 2022 Production Analysis – BASF SE, Lanzhou Auxiliary Agent, Hebei Fude Chem-Tech

Pivaloyl Chloride is 2, 2- dimethylpropanoyl chloride, which is clear to pale yellow liquid, having pungent odor. Pivanoyl chloride is majorly used as a building block in pharmaceutical, refining chemicals, and agrochemical industries. Pivaloyl chloride can be produced both by batch and continuous processes at a commercial scale. Pivanoyl chloride is in intermediate for various pesticides, insecticides and pharmaceutical compounds.

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Pivaloyl Chloride Market Projected Growth Rate (2022-2032)4.3% – 6% CAGR

In pharmaceutical industry it is used to manufacture DPE, amino benzylpenicilin, cefazolin, dipivefrin, cephalexin, and dipivalyl epinephrine. It is also majorly used to manufacture peroxy esters as well as starting materials for the manufacturing of organic peroxides. Continuous research and developments are pushing the use of pivanoyl chloride in various applications, however, stringent environmental and safety regulations are creating challenges for the manufacturers for pushing the potential sales of the pivanoyl chloride.

Market Dynamics of Pivaloyl Chloride Market

Increasing pharmaceutical and agricultural chemical industry

Pharmaceutical industry is growing at a good pace since last few years, and is also expected a strong growth, especially in emerging economies. Also increasing population of the emerging countries is putting pressure on the agricultural industry for increasing the crop production. Overall market dynamics is in the favor of the growth of the pivaloyl chloride, which is expected to accelerate the demand growth of pivaloyl chloride, during coming years.

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Rise in the regulations and environmental laws

Insecticide and pesticide industry are the strictly regulated as the chemicals used in this industry are quite harmful for human beings and other environmental participants too. Therefore increase in the stringent regulations by environmental bodies are creating major challenge for manufacturers of the pivaloyl chloride. The pharmaceutical industry is in turn providing many growth opportunities for pivaloyl chloride market.

Pivaloyl Chloride market trends: Expansion, Innovation and Research

Key players in the market are investing in research and development to improve the existing products and to find new applications of pivaloyl chloride. This growth in innovation is expected to result in the increase in demand for pivaloyl chloride. Significant amount of pivaloyl chloride is also consumed as laboratory chemical, therefore increasing research activities are bolstering the growth of pivaloyl chloride market.

Pivaloyl Chloride Market: Regional Outlook

Asia is the leading region in the global pivaloyl chloride market, as bulk manufacturers and its procurers are based in China alone. High manufacturing output is also pushing the industrial production and chemical industry which is expected to reflect into growth in demand for pivaloyl chloride. Europe is expected to follow Asia pivaloyl chloride market, in terms of demand. The other prominent regions following Asia include Europe and North America however these regions will witness muted to moderate growth due to stringent safety laws in production and use of the pivaloyl chloride deemed hazardous and replacement by substitutes. Additionally, growth in Asia market can be also attributed to the fact that tier-1 international scale companies of U.S./ EU origin are shifting and establishing their operations base in Asia owing to less stringent regulations and availability of raw material, capital and labor at low cost.

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Global Pivaloyl Chloride Market Participants         

Some of the market participants identified across the value chain of global Pivaloyl Chloride market are:

  • Hebei Fude Chem-Tech
  • Lanzhou Auxiliary Agent
  • VWR International, LLC.
  • Lubon Chemical
  • CABB Chemicals
  • AIHENG Industry
  • Shandong Jiahong Chemical
  • Shandong Minji Chemical
  • JSN Chemicals LTD

Key Segments Profiled in the Pivaloyl Chloride Industry Survey

By Application:

  • Insecticides Intermediates
  • Pesticides Intermediates
  • Pharmaceutical Intermediates

By End-Use Industry:

  • Agricultural
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Polymer
  • Other (Chemical Industry)


  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Japan
  • Middle East & Africa