Picturesque and unknown places in Spain and their property prices 

If you intend to buy houses for sale in Torrevieja to get away from the noisy and banal Barcelona, ​​you might better look at a few more places. These five hidden nooks of Spain are ideal for a quiet life and recreation, and in addition, it is possible to buy property in each of them.

Unknown Spain

If you want to discover new places that are not as well known as Barcelona or the Balearic Islands, here are 5 places you can visit. In the event that you are into them, we’ve surveyed the prices of properties near each location, so you can find something that will become a full-fledged house or just a new place for a seasonal recreation.

Faedo de Signera, the most well-tended forest in Spain

This centuries-old forest in Signera de Gordon, about 40 km from León, hides more than one treasure. The beech reaches 30 meters in height here, there are some gorges with brooks. The place is recognized by the Ministry of the Environment as the most well-tended forest in Spain.

Its rarities include the Fagus fig tree, whose age is more than 500 years, as well as the pit top of an old coal mine, which now functions as a museum, where, if the legend is to be believed, the spirit of a sorceress lived.

What about housing in Signera? You can buy quite a simple apartment here for only 18-25,000 €. A good 3-room apartment can be already bought in a new low-rise building for 30,000€. A good cottage with an area of ​​more than 200 m2 costs 50,000€

Matarranya is “the Spanish Tuscany”

Between the Puertos de Belceite mountains, to the north of Teruel, there is the region of Matarranya, where the river of the same name flows, consisting of plashy waterfalls and pure basins. The Matarranya region is already called without a doubt the Spanish Tuscany.

The administrative capital, Valderrobres, is the place where a Gothic castle of the XIV century and the church of Santa Maria la Mayor have been preserved, which are both tourist attractions. And thanks to the specific Middle-Age view, the settlement is included in the list of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

The properties for sale in Matarranya are mostly rural houses requiring renovation. The cost of such properties starts literally from 10,000 €. The villa is in good condition, but without modern European quality repair work it will cost from 35-50 thousand. At the same time, in the region it is possible to find a considerable number of comfortable premium mansions in a modern style and with all amenities, costing up to 850,000 €.

Banyoles, the Catalonian Loch Ness 

The light-blue lake with a delightful wooden jetty, surrounded by a mountain group, is situated in the province of Girona and is regarded as the largest lake in Catalonia. It has a sailing club in which the rowing regatta was held at the Olympics in 1992.

Like Loch Ness, Banyoles is home to a backstory dated since Charlemagne. It is believed that an underwater dragon lives in its depths.

Properties for sale near Banyoles include mid-rise apartments starting at 40,000€ and cottages starting at 70,000€. A lot of the properties are in need of major repairs, while only a slight renovation is necessary in others.

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