How to Pick the Right Shower Faucet: 5 Pro Tips

Choosing the right shower faucet is not an easy job. You have to consider the right shower valve, right accessories, and the budget which makes it even harder. First of all, you have to choose a shower faucet that matches the rest of your bathroom décor.  There are some more tips on how to pick the right shower faucet. Take a look.


The Right Shower Valve

Choosing the right shower valve is crucial though you cannot see it. Because it controls the water flow of the shower tap. Reading some shower faucet reviews might help you. There are two types of shower valves in general. One’s thermostatic control and the other is manual. The thermostat is basically for switching off the water flow if the water temperature goes upper than your preferred temperature. Gone are the days when you had to go under scalding hot water.


The Right Configuration and Type

When you are looking for a shower faucet you have so many options in your hands. A solo showerhead or all in one shower head all these for your comfort. For shower taps, there are five types that you can choose from. These are.


Single head spray shower

Single head spray shower is more common in our household. It has four or more nozzles that spray water in a pattern. Mostly the shower heads are adjustable and come with a lever that gives you control over the water pattern.


Rain shower

Rain shower is large and flat in size. It directly sprays water on the user from above and makes a rain like atmosphere in the bathroom.


Multiple showerheads

If a showerhead has multiple features to make it handheld and spray shower it’s called multiple showerheads. These are wall-mounted and controlled by just one set of the handle. Both the showerheads can operate at the same time so your kids will have a great time in the shower if you get it.


Handheld showerheads

A head sprayer attached to a flexible hose makes a great handheld showerhead. It is more popular among pet moms and human moms out there. As it gives more control you can clean up your pet and kids very well. It’s also great for hair as you can wash your hair very well with this handheld showerhead.


Body spray showerheads

This one is not so common. It has multiple spray heads that spray water from the shower wall. The compact nozzles flush water to your body.


The Right Water Pressure

Most showerheads have a water pressure of 40 to 60 pounds per square inch. There are testers in a hardware store that you can check by screwing shower arm to check the water pressure. It will give you an idea of how it will be on the faucet. Before buying a shower faucet you must check the water pressure of your home as some faucets do not work well with low water pressure. Also, check if there are any leaks or clogs before testing as it hampers the actual result.


The Right Accessories

The right accessories will change your experience for the better. Get an anti-scald valve which will protect you from bursting hot water in the shower. Or protect from freezing water stopping your breathing when someone in your home flushes the toilet. Keep an extra hole in your tub or shower wall and keep a hand shower in there. You will bless me when you are rinsing off the bathtub after cleaning.


Do Everything on the Right Budget

Before doing a bathroom renovation make a budget for that. A bathtub and shower faucet is as important as the other stuff in the bathroom. Do not forget about those things. On average faucets costs between $150 to $350. So go overboard when you know that you can.


Final thoughts

Here is my take on picking the right shower faucet for your bathroom. A shower faucet completes a bathroom. It is our place to relax after a long day. So it must be something that gives comfort. I hope the tips helped you to choose the best shower faucet.