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Nowadays everyone is in search of phone number generator? Do you want to generate phone number all around the world? Are you getting spam advertisements on your real phone number? It is annoying your daily routine life? Are you frustrated by these advertisers? Do you want to avoid this spam advertisements? Then you are at the right place. You can use a phone number generator to generate fake phone number. 

According to my experience, I found Rndgenerator has one of the best real phone number generator which works efficiently good. There is no sign-up process required, and it is free. There is no restriction in this phone number generator in generating fake phone number. 

With the development of this real phone number generator, now there is no need to add your real telephone number for account verification on different websites. Generate a fake phone number and use it to sign up to prevent receiving spam calls. You get spam advertisements because when you add your phone number for account verification, there is a chance of spam. As mostly websites required this verification and after verification they set your phone number in spam basket. google play

What is a phone number generator?

A phone number generator is a tool developed to generate random phone numbers. The tool is commonly used for multiple purposes, including online advertising, research, data analysis etc.

The working of a phone number generator varies depending on its design. However, most phone number generators use the methodology of reverse engineering process. Some of the random phone number generator may also use databases of existing phone numbers to create new phone numbers with the same format of different countries. But these phone numbers are unallocated by the phone number authorities.

Generate Phone Number

To generate phone number, simply go to the site rndgenerator and select your desire country. Enter the amount of phone number you want and just hit the generate button. It will generate list of random phone numbers. We can specify the region in this fake phone number generator. While other phone number generator completely generate random phone numbers. 

The random phone numbers; which we generate by using this random phone number generator are similar to real phone number. These fake phone numbers can also be used to create accounts on websites or applications that require a phone number during registration. It is helpful for the people who do not want to reveal his identity in getting content or services.

Uses of Phone Number Generator

We can use phone number generator for multiple purposes, including:

Test applications: We can generate fake phone number by using this random phone number generator and use these phone numbers for test the web or mobile applications. This helps us to ensure that the phone numbers entered are valid and accurate.

Market Research: Phone number generator can be used for market research purposes, such as conducting surveys or telemarketing campaigns.

Phishing Simulations: It can be used to simulate phishing attacks, where scammers try to trick people into giving away personal information.

Format of fake phone numbers

These fake phone numbers format are same as real phone number which are allocated by the telecommunication companies of the relevant countries. Basically these temporary phone numbers consist of three things:

  1. Phone number consists of an area code that means it routes the call to a certain location. In the USA, the area code is three digits, although it can also be more or fewer.
  2. After the area code the exchange code started that directs the call. Once more, in the USA, this is three digits.
  3. A phone number that routes calls to certain customers. They are frequently given out in order, with the amount of numbers rising as more lines are given out

In non-American Nations Area code and exchange code are normally combined. That is why phone numbers in Germany, United Kingdom, and other nations appear like 999-99999.


This phone number generator is very user friendly and efficient tool. Try it now and test it is very easy to generate phone number in just a few clicks. It is free and you can generate list of random phone number.

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