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The Google IT Support Professional Certificate is consistently ranked as one of the most sought-after credentials offered by Google through the Coursera platform. It touts an amazing track record of professional progress and promises to have you ready for your job in only six months, but the question is whether or not it is worth your time and money. In the video that I’m going to show you today, I’m going to spill the beans on just that. In order to assist you in making an educated choice that is right for you, I’m going to address this subject from every conceivable angle. This will be broken down into five separate sections. To begin, a high-level summary What exactly are we going to speak about with it? A discussion of professionals and the work that they do, followed by an examination of the labor market, including compensation and return on investment If you participate in a program similar to this one, take a look at the certificate from the perspective of the large picture on the outside, and after that, we will go through each of the five courses individually. I’ll tell you what they are about and give you genuine examples from inside the course, and then I’ll tell you who this course is for and whether I truly think it lives up to its billing and if it’s worth it to you as well. What do [, Music,] professionals from other [, Music,] countries do? On the other hand, information technology support personnel are often split up into two distinct groups: first, there are computer network specialists, who should more accurately be categorized as internal employee assistance. The second type of technicians fall into the category of computer user assistance professionals. These technicians really interact with clients and users from the outside world. These folks are not just thinkers and problem solvers, but they are also pioneers who are always seeking for new methods to improve organizational structures in order to boost productivity or release latent potential in the businesses that they serve. To be successful in their jobs, specialists require a range of hard and soft abilities, and Google promotes the development of several of these talents. Earning a professional certification will educate you on additional skills and knowledge that are necessary for your further growth and development. Programming, linguistic fluency, an understanding of relevant technological concepts, and the capacity to do data analysis are examples of hard talents. Communication, the ability to solve problems, and the ability to work well with others are some of the most desirable soft skills for this role. I’ll start off by giving you an example of a pretty typical job description that’s used frequently for entry-level I positions.

Phoenix IV Local OTO

specialist role, which is exactly what you’ll be ready for after completing the Google certification requirements. The primary responsibilities that are highlighted in the image are virtually identical to those detailed in each and every published job description for an entry-level employment in the information technology industry. So what is the benefit of this? To help you get hired as an IT support expert, let’s discuss the employment market and the average compensation for this position. In most cases, there are two distinct ways to approach the situation. Before I discuss these two avenues, however, you need to be aware that being a support specialist is actually only an entry-level employment. The reason for this is because once you start working for a company or organization, there is a great deal of learning that you will be expected to accomplish. You will have a lot of room to go up in the company, and you will also have the opportunity to pursue a variety of various career routes after working here. Let’s start by discussing the tried-and-true approach first. Due to the fact that this is a four-year college, you are going to want to earn a bachelor’s degree or, at the very least, an associate’s degree in a subject like computer science. You should be well-prepared to be a competitive applicant for that first job if you do this and complete at least one internship before you graduate from your program. The second option, which I refer to as the alternate road, is one that is not as conventional but is still highly productive. This entails earning an associate’s degree or obtaining a number of different credentials and certifications that are acknowledged in order to demonstrate that you possess the skill set necessary to succeed in this industry. Not only do you do that, but you also make it a point to submit applications to businesses that have already assembled teams and make it a point to highlight in the job description that the company offers on-the-job training to assist you grow while you’re already employed there, regardless of the career path that you want to pursue. Both of these options are realistic routes to take in order to break into this industry. Now, let’s discuss some figures, shall we? The Bureau of Labor Statistics includes computer support experts on their list of occupations. To put it simply, this is an expanding industry. It really grows at a pace that is one percent higher than the typical rate of growth for all of the other vocations.

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Once you have obtained your IT support specialist certification, you will have the opportunity to enter this field, which is expected to see a growth rate of around six to seven percent over the following ten years. Where is the benefit in this? The amount of money you make as a salary might vary widely depending on the firm for which you work and the region in which you do so. However, if you’re just starting out, you can expect to make anywhere from $40,000 to $60,000 in your first one to three years, with the majority of people aiming for around $48,000 per year in compensation with benefits. Position, let’s not waste any more time; let’s dig right into the meat of this curriculum while keeping an eye on the big picture. To begin, this is an introductory course; no prior knowledge or expertise is required, and Google claims that you will be job-ready in just six months after completing the program. Once you pass this point, the following is a sneak peek at what lies ahead for you: Learners participate in a variety of laboratories and other interactive activities that mirror the kinds of tasks they will perform in their future roles, making this program one of the most noteworthy educational opportunities available today. This course load is intended to get you prepared for the workforce. This is an extremely well-received class, with students awarding it an average of 4 out of 5 stars across all of the sections. This is one of the most popular courses, and there have been over a hundred thousand people who have already taken it. You might be able to discuss pricing on Coursera if you sign up for an account. The cost of obtaining a professional credential from Coursera is $39 per month. I’ve heard of people doing this in as little as two to three weeks by going absolutely all in on it, while others taking their time and averaging around ten hours of work per week. It’s completely online, and you can proceed at your own pace; I’ve heard of people finishing this in as little as two to three weeks by going entirely all in on it. The amount of experience you bring to a part-time job that lasts between five and six months and how determined you are to accomplish it fast both have a significant role in determining how soon you can complete it. This program should be mentioned because of its significance. You will be prepared to take the CompTIA Plus test, which is the credential that is considered to be the industry standard for jobs in information technology. Now, delve even deeper into the content of this course. Where does it all come from? How would you describe the modules?

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This certificate consists of five different classes, and I’m going to go over each of them with you one by one. This is the route that we are going to take to get there: This program is based on the belief that a solid foundation in information technology support can serve as a springboard to a meaningful career in information technology. As a result, we have designed industry-relevant courses in areas such as basic technical support, computer networking, operating systems, system administration, information technology infrastructure services, and information technology security course number one, which introduces you to basic technical support. This is the first step in the process. You will acquire knowledge on its many elements, with a particular focus on hardware, software, troubleshooting, and customer support. You provided some comprehensive video tutorials, such as how to put together a computer from the ground up. In this second lesson, “the bits and bytes of computer networking,” we will discuss the process of installing and launching your first operating system. It is generally agreed upon that this is the most challenging and tough course associated with the certificate. Do not let yourself become frustrated, for I am going to inform you right now! Because this part is so difficult, you should go at your own pace when working through it. In this part, we will discuss computer networking, sometimes known as the process through which computers may communicate with one another and share information. You will begin with gaining a solid comprehension of networking, and you will then go on to learning how to troubleshoot networks. Following the completion of this course, you should be able to explain the TCP/IP5 layer network model and recognize common networking devices. After completing this, you will not be an expert on the topic, but you will have a solid core grasp.

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The following lesson will cover operating systems, and how to become a power user. Because this is a lab-based assignment course, you will be actively participating in the lab and carrying out various tasks during the semester. In this particular section. You will learn how to install operating systems and configure hardware, as well as how to set up user groups and manage different access levels on a network. In addition, you will learn how to manage different access levels on a network. This also goes into quite a bit of troubleshooting, in which you will look at typical OS issues that you will be seeing on a week-to-week basis as an IT support professional. The fourth class covers system administration, focusing on the infrastructure structure and the services it provides. The topic at hand is the administration of several computers belonging to a single company. This class spends a lot of time on cloud infrastructure, including how to make the cloud work best for your company, how to manage the servers that run the infrastructure, and how to back up your company’s data. It also provides instructions on what steps to take. What steps should be taken to initiate the data recovery procedure in the event that a network fails or a significant amount of data is lost? Because of this, as well as the fact that number five is a comprehensive look at security and protection against the digital shadow arts, we’ll begin there. Everything revolves around dangers and assaults coming from the outside. The inner workings of encryption, authentication mechanisms, and the actual process of safeguarding a network This entire session will focus on the several ways in which you, as an IT support expert, may safeguard the data of your firm.

An Overview of the Phoenix IV OTO Product

We read each of these brief remarks in order to determine whether or not this is something for which you would be interested in joining up. There is a link to my affiliate program in the description of this video; it is the first one down. It is a cost-free method for contributing to the channel. Additionally, even if that isn’t what you’re looking for, simply enjoying the video and subscribing to the channel will go a long way toward supporting the work that is being done. If it’s something that you feel is a good match for you, go ahead and give it a try. I do this so that you may all benefit from access to free content and knowledge. In response to the question, “Is it really worth it to take this class? If you’ve seen any of my other videos, you already know that I’m a big fan of the Coursera courses, and you also probably know that I believe the Google cooperation is fantastic due to the high caliber of the work that Google produces. It is also accessible at a price that is quite reasonable, and there is financial assistance available that may cut the prices in half for you as well. However, before I go any further, I want to go through the benefits and drawbacks of the program and discuss them. Is this a certificate issued by Google? That’s an important question to ask. Is it a decent place to begin acquiring information given that you just receive a general idea of the topic and nothing too specific? This is a benefit, but if you want to further your education even a little bit farther, it may also be considered a drawback. That appeals to me as well. When it comes to interviews, this topic is a fantastic discussion point. It demonstrates a great deal of initiative.

Phoenix IV OTO Review

Participating in this class on your own. In addition, include Google on your CV is not a bad idea in any way. Let’s discuss about cons. It is pleasant to see, but it is not recognized as a top certificate that is essential to obtain a job. Anyone in this profession who is experienced in hiring managers does not really search for this certificate on a resume; it is nice to see, but it is not recognized as a top certificate that is necessary to get a job. The second aspect is being by one’s lonesome. This doesn’t actually have that much bearing on the discussion. Work. Experience is going to get you farther than this credential will; if you have to choose between earning this degree and getting some form of job or internship, choose the job or internship every time. Experience is going to get you further than this certificate will. In conclusion, it does a good job of preparing you, but having the CompTIA IA certification is an added bonus. It is the gold standard for assisting in the development of careers. The A+ certification is more widely acknowledged for verifying professionals than any other certification since it is required for a larger number of jobs than any other certification. because of the competencies required for success. Consider that earning this Google certificate will teach you the necessary abilities. You need to see the “plus” as a certification for you demonstrating that you have the abilities that are required in order to succeed. In order to get you ready to take the plus and truly bundle the two together, I would utilize this Google tool to prepare you.

Review of the Phoenix IV OTO

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