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When it comes to electricity there are two kinds of converters, one that converts the voltage and the other that changes the phase-type. The one that changes the voltage is called a power converter. While the converter that changes the phase is called the phase converter.


Power converters can be bought online and also from the neighborhood stores that sell appliances. Many people do not know anything about a phase converter and whether they need it or not. You can use a phase converter to run appliances and generators that use a different power output.


Even when you are traveling aboard carrying a small power converter will help you use your hairdryer, electric kettle, and iron without a hassle. Various countries have different power outputs. In USA 120 volts of power is used while in Australia and most Asian and European countries the 220 volts is used. So, a power converter will allow you to use your appliances without having to buy new ones.


The problem with single-phase is that it runs at 60 Hz and at this frequency every second the current sine wave crosses zero point 120 times. Watts are produced by voltage and when the current sine wave drops to zero points the equipment suffers. If you are running a motor on single phase it is bound to suffer a lot due to these drops and have a shorter life span.


Three-phase power produces three sine waves that are separated by 120 degrees. It is generated by an AC generator and each phase or each current is carried on a separate conductor.  The current never drops to zero. The power converter can convert voltage up and down while a phase converter works differently. It is a device that converts single-phase power to three-phase power. This device is growing more popular as more people can benefit from it. With advancements in technology, phase converters are becoming more reliable. Many more people are using generator these days due to the high incidence of power outages caused by fires, hurricanes, and storms. Many more companies are now making phase converters to meet the growing demand in the market.


Everyone likes to save money and for this reason, all of us like to look for economical solutions. If you have bought equipment that runs on 3 phase of electricity and your house only has the single-phase coming from the grid, it is less costly to buy a phase generator than to hire an electrician to review the house or buying new equipment altogether. Equipment that runs on single phase power is not as long-lasting as the equipment that runs on three-phase power.  These machines work efficiently and thus help save money on repairs and maintenance.


Factories that use a three-phase converter with multiple machines benefit from increased efficiencies and have higher productivity. In many areas, the grid power offered is only one phase. The appliances, tools, and motors that operate on a single-phase electric power do not last long. Users have to buy new equipment or spend money on repairs. For businesses located in such areas buying the phase convertersis very viable. This way you can give more life to your machines.


Throughout North America, 120-volt single-phase electricity is supplied to homes. The circuit breaker at home has four wires coming into it, two are hot wires, and one is neutral while the 4th one is ground. The hot wires carry 240 VAC, while the voltage between the hot wire and the neutral wire is 120 VAC which powers up appliances at home.


Plants that manufacture electricity in North America put out three-phase power at voltages ranging from 230 kV to 500 kV.  The power lines have three separate conductors, and all of these carry current. There is also a neutral conductor. For single-phase power, the copper wires are heavy gauge and it is easier for electricity plant generators to distribute three-phase power as they do not need the costly wires.  With 3-phase power, you can have the 120 VAC and also the 208 VAC. All industrial buildings get three-phase power. In case you need to convert your single-phase power to 3-phase you can get a converter online. There may be a need to use equipment or tools that require 3-phase power. Some generators work well on a 3-phase connection and to get the best performance from these units, it is advisable to get online and look for a good model.


Online you can find a lot of reliable shops that sell converters at very handsome prices. These days, many manufacturers are competing to get a good market share and therefore offer good discounts. All you have to do is make sure the converter you are buying is the right one for you. The sales staff at the online shops is very helpful and will help you come to the right decision.


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